Raw Version: The Second Eve

Underneath the Mistletoe
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Omg. So I decided to rewrite from the second Christmas on and uploaded it BUT I kept coming to this one over and over again so maybe you guys might perhaps like it? Please... Just relax and read this. Ehe! Also, this is a continuation from the First Christmas so maybe if you want, you could re-read that and come back. It's not going anywhere after all XD

ALso same storyline. Just different writing. You all know what happened already lmao.

Raw Version: The Second Eve

Last year at this time, he had dropped off his girlfriend home and had been in cloud 9… a fool’s cloud that was. She had unfortunately played him, breaking his heart before their 2nd year anniversary, and was seen in someone’s arm even before a week had passed.

Man. His ego had definitely gone through a heavy bruise.

Right now all he felt was thankfulness though, that he was rid of such a girl in his life.

This year really had not been a good year for him though. It was not just his girlfriend that had dumped him but there had been problems in his father’s office. His father was a government official and problems in the office usually meant headache. There had been an overflowing of guests at home, so much so that he crashed on Taeyong’s place more often than once.

Perhaps when he wanted to escape, those had been the only times he missed his ex-girlfriend’s place. At least she lived alone and had a nice couch.

Her? He did not miss much.

He sighs at the number of things that had happened that year and how unbreathable the whole time it had been… until Halloween.

A smile automatically appeared on his face as he remembered Halloween. Their department had organized a Halloween party for fund-raise and he had been part of the committee. Kina Lee had been his partner, the weird girl in class, the girl he was accidentally with last Christmas Eve.

She, as he had always known was a natural leader. People followed her even if she says nothing and she had taken over the plans easily so it was such a joy working with her. Perhaps the only disappointment was the fact that she did not know his name! That seriously had been such a disappointment.

On the day of the meeting, he had the opportunity to talk with her and upon coming home realized just how much he had enjoyed the conversation he had with her.

He almost laughed aloud when he suddenly remembered the meeting they had last Christmas at the exact same place he was seated on.

Oh goodness, he let out a laugh, the conversation they had last Christmas had almost been as dry as bone and now that he compared their two conversations realized just how different they had been. Maybe it had been because they were out of college?

He lets his eyes travel around his favorite convenience store low-key expecting one girl to show up and eat ice-cream. After all, their relationship had improved massively. Whenever they talked in class, it was a joy. They always conversed so well.

And also he cannot deny he was having a massive crush on the said girl at the moment. Massive.

Sure enough, she turns up after some waiting but this time with a dark padded jacket and bright red muffler. Baekhyun thinks she might have a collection of brightly colored scarves.

“Choco-bars again?” Baekhyun chuckled as soon as she takes a seat. He not

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Thank you all so much!! I pray happiness and peace follow you all~~


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Chapter 7: ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ suddenly missed this Baekhyun, so here I am again and that “In every universe” still hit me so hard
adinda99 #2
Chapter 1: I just recently reading What is Love and my heart broke too when Baek broken, I can't take that, I know Baek and Kina never meant to be there and I'm all the way for Sehun and Kina but I can't see Baek getting hurt like that ㅠㅠ

So I want to distract myself by reading this first, at least I know Baek would get his happy ending here, thank you authornim ㅠㅠ
AiiSoo #3
Chapter 7: The raw version is nice too. And yes it shows more of their personality. And what with Kina having a slight crush to Sehun. Hahahah. Thank you for this..!
Chapter 7: Ugh my poor heart— *cries* It's just that I have such a huge soft spot for this Baekhyun— I can't help it but turn into a mushy pile of goo everytime he acts insecure and all baby like *cries harder* GOD this raw version's simply beautiful ♡ I love this couple so muchhh *wipes a tear* And yes, it really helped us to understand WIL's Baekhyun's behavior a bit more :') Tysm for it, hun!
12 streak #5
Chapter 7: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1467503/7'>Raw Version: The Last Eve</a></span>
I cant believe i put comments on a wrong chapter hence i miss that you already published the last eve.. aigoo when baek said I will always love you in any universe and kina said me too.. my heart breaks.. aigoo.. poor my baby baekie 😭😭😭😭 huhu internet hug for baek aigoo.. cry together aigoo..
Chapter 7: <em>But aren't you sad for that Baekhyun?</em>
I'm sad with that Baekhyun, honey. I'm freaking sad.

For the edited one, i can feel him feeling suffocate and frustrate when his dad suddenly appeared when he was running to her after the nightmare and I feel like she is really his home when she comforts him (and yeah I panic when he mentioned the nightmare lol)

but for this version, i feel like the talk about another universe linked me to WIL and yep - i can see why he kept trying and trying .. now i'm sad again