Raw Version: The Last Eve

Underneath the Mistletoe
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Raw Version: The Last Eve

Baekhyun sighed and watched the white mist escape his lips into the night. He let it drift off and gave another deep sigh.

He was worried. This was the last Christmas he would spend as a student and even right now, he was not sure where he wanted to wound up. The only thing he was certain of was that he wanted Kina by his side no matter what…

But she deserved the whole world and he was just… Baekhyun.

He was still trying to figure out what to do in life. His parents wanted him to go for civil exams just like his father but he wasn’t cut out for that. Sure he could give it a shot but what is the use if he was not going to enjoy it?

He sighed and took two Choco-bars as usual and walks solemnly to the cash-out. Kina already her life carved out for her. She had started her training for her role in her parent’s office and he knows she was the heir for that giant banking company.

It would be a lie if he says he did not feel intimated. He was a man and as a man, it was his job to provide for the family but right now… she was going to take up that role and that made him feel useless.

He was not against her working at all… in fact, he was so proud of her being so smart and impressing everyone in the office but it was the fact that he felt like a nobody.

“Merry Christmas, Baekhyun.” The old man at the counter greeted him and Baekhyun mustered a smile to return the greeting.

He walked to her house as usual but without the spring he usually has. He wanted to see her, to kiss her, and to hug her, and yet the reality of the situation felt like a stone has been tied to his legs.

“I had a dream last night,” He begins once they were cozied up on their couch with the giant TV displaying some silly Christmas rom-com movie.

“Hmm? What was it about?”

“I dreamt… Wait. It was a nightmare.”


“I had a nightmare that you were married to someone else.” He frowns, his heart clenching just with the thought of Kina being with someone else. “And… it was none other than our history professor. Professor Oh Sehun.”

Kina chuckled at that, her hand coming to smoothen down his hair as he buried his face even deeper into her neck.

“When I said I had a slight crush on him, I think you thought too much into it.” She says with a chuckle and a shake of her head.

It was true. Baekhyun had given it too much of a thought. Professor Oh was an impeccable man with perfection following everything he does. It was hard not to see why Kina would like such a man.

“The dream was so real,” He explains, “You were married to him and…” He gulped, his nose stinging a little. “You wouldn’t listen to me even when I keep telling you that I am your boyfriend.”

Kina quietens down at that, her smiles breaking. Baekhyun knew he was sensitive about this thing… about her leaving him and she knew that.

“Baekhyun…” She says with a soothing voice, “it was just a dream.”

“I know…” He says feeling his nose becoming runny and his eyes tearing up. “But it just… felt so real. You were there but you did not like me… I kept trying to tell you but you wouldn’t listen and you simply sat there with him… I just… I felt lost and I cried so much.”

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Chapter 7: ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ suddenly missed this Baekhyun, so here I am again and that “In every universe” still hit me so hard
adinda99 #2
Chapter 1: I just recently reading What is Love and my heart broke too when Baek broken, I can't take that, I know Baek and Kina never meant to be there and I'm all the way for Sehun and Kina but I can't see Baek getting hurt like that ㅠㅠ

So I want to distract myself by reading this first, at least I know Baek would get his happy ending here, thank you authornim ㅠㅠ
AiiSoo #3
Chapter 7: The raw version is nice too. And yes it shows more of their personality. And what with Kina having a slight crush to Sehun. Hahahah. Thank you for this..!
Chapter 7: Ugh my poor heart— *cries* It's just that I have such a huge soft spot for this Baekhyun— I can't help it but turn into a mushy pile of goo everytime he acts insecure and all baby like *cries harder* GOD this raw version's simply beautiful ♡ I love this couple so muchhh *wipes a tear* And yes, it really helped us to understand WIL's Baekhyun's behavior a bit more :') Tysm for it, hun!
12 streak #5
Chapter 7: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1467503/7'>Raw Version: The Last Eve</a></span>
I cant believe i put comments on a wrong chapter hence i miss that you already published the last eve.. aigoo when baek said I will always love you in any universe and kina said me too.. my heart breaks.. aigoo.. poor my baby baekie 😭😭😭😭 huhu internet hug for baek aigoo.. cry together aigoo..
Chapter 7: <em>But aren't you sad for that Baekhyun?</em>
I'm sad with that Baekhyun, honey. I'm freaking sad.

For the edited one, i can feel him feeling suffocate and frustrate when his dad suddenly appeared when he was running to her after the nightmare and I feel like she is really his home when she comforts him (and yeah I panic when he mentioned the nightmare lol)

but for this version, i feel like the talk about another universe linked me to WIL and yep - i can see why he kept trying and trying .. now i'm sad again