dear donghae (i love you)

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Hyukjae works at the local coffee shop and falls in love with a man with a pretty smile and bruised wrists.










But you once told me, "Don't give up
You can do it day by day"
And diamonds, they don't turn to dust or fade away

— Louis Tomlinson, "Two of Us"


Hyukjae pours the steamed milk into the cup, mixing it with the espresso in the mug. He shoots a glance over at Donghae, who is standing off to the side. Hyukjae can't help but notice that the other man’s eyes are slightly red-rimmed as if he'd been crying not long before he'd come into the store.

Hyukjae looks down at his finished drink and then back to Donghae, whose air of misery seems to permeate through the air. He bites his lip before he grabs the post-it note pad sitting under the cashier as well as a pen. He shoots a glance at Donghae before he begins to write:


Dear Donghae,

I love your coat! Hope it's as cozy as it looks.

Your friendly barista,
Hyukjae :)


He puts the pen down and rips the sticky note off the pad. He hesitates before he sticks it on the mug. This is a potentially terrible idea. He doesn't even know this person, he's just a regular who Hyukjae has a crush on.

But then he catches sight of Donghae's impossibly sad eyes, figure hunched over in a posture that somehow screams defeated.

He looks down at his note and sticks it to the side of the mug.


hey i hope u guys will enjoy this! a lot of this fic is fluffy (a love letter to donghae, to be honest) but TRIGGER WARNING this fic does include non-graphic descriptions of domestic abuse and injuries as well as mild descriptions of PTSD/panic attacks and a mention of passing suicidal thoughts, while there will be no descriptions of the actual violence, i will not be treating the issue as something to be taken lightly. if that is something that makes you uncomfortable, then this fic isn't for you.

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