Fallin' in Love


minnie, head of social media at neverend magazine, interviews a fashion model and influencer miyeon for the next issue of neverend. she accidentally leaves her phone recording on the table, and when she comes to transcribe her interview, she gets to hear all of her tense conversation she shouldn't have heard.


- inspired by The Bold Type
- slice of life
- not a social media au i'm using the images to visualize my story
- english is not my first language


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Dzsamilla #1
Chapter 20: Yay you are back! I'm so glad.
Also, not Miyeon making that man and Minnie meet. And putting Minnie in the bestie zone..
Now outside of this i'm very sad for Soojin as she is definitely not coming back for a while now... But i hope she's fine and Neverland should not fall too deep in sadness too.
Dzsamilla #2
Chapter 19: Omg yesss!! Author-nim i'm here for you as your reader and will wait. You made me so happy with this thank you. This is really in my top5 stories so i'm glad you thought about it.
Dzsamilla #3
Chapter 19: Nooo:( I can understand why you would think like this, but honestly fiction has nothing to do with real life stuff. There's a lot of maffia fic that paints idols in a bad light, even if they are good people and also we never know if there are actually problematic ones but the coworkers keep quiet. So i don't think this is defaming or making her seem bad. It is your choice tho and i can't force you to think about it, but i'd like if you did please. I love this story so much.
meli_ari #4
Chapter 19: Nooo:(, please I like this fic a lot:((((
_MoHirai #5
Chapter 18: ♥️♥️
Dzsamilla #6
Chapter 14: Nooo, this is getting more and more emotional ㅠㅠ
Dzsamilla #7
Chapter 10: Poor Soojin. Poor Shuhua...and everyone. They all seem to have difficult lifes. Well it's realistic. But damn Miyeon is brave (≧▽≦)
Dzsamilla #8
Chapter 9: "In the hell" lmaooo i almost choked
68 streak #9
Chapter 16: Thank you for the update authornim