The Charge Thief


in a future world where bodies are charged like devices, granting long lives, a chilling ability lurks. doctor soojin can steal charges with a single kiss. as detective shuhua edges closer to uncovering the truth, the lines of good and evil blur.


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Chapter 1: The concept is very good and the idea is executed perfectly. Loved the mystery vibe it had as I followed the Soojin’s route to revenge.

Soojin was made the culprit when she was innocent. It forced her to go to the evil side and kill people with just her kiss. It is a cursed but wonderful gift at the same time. She only used it to get rid of the people who jad wronged her.

Shuhua is a great detective, from the start she understood that something fishy was going on. She just needed evidence.
After almost being killed by Soojin, Shuhua understood things better. Even in her weakened state she could do her job perfectly.
Poor Minnie in love with Miyeon but Miyeon only sees Shuhua. Maybe Miyeon one day will pay attention to Minnie.

Soojin got her revenge so this could be considered a happy ending.

Thank you for writing this, author .