The Realm of Imagination: A Fantasy Writing Contest (Open and Accepting Entries)


1. Subscribe to the contest.

2. May use an old story or new one, as long as it fits a prompt and the groups. 

3. , yuri, straight and no ships all welcome. 

4. Stories and chapters may be as long as you like. 

5. Must star a group from the list, but you may use   as many other groups as side characters and ships. No OC main characters or ships. Please star idols. 

6. Be kind to other writers and readers. 

7. All genres welcome, as long as they fit into fantasy, except for: M-Preg, Gender-bender, and Werewolf alpha/omega au. 

8. Use the plot as the main, but you may pick as many as you like. You may also enter as many times as you like. 

9. Complete the story by the deadline of October 31st, 2021. 

10. Have fun writing! 

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