still mad

sleep talk

a flash of lightning followed by a low rumble in the distance greets seungwan the moment she steps out of the train station. the heavens have darkened ominously and she neglected to bring an umbrella.


seungwan takes another glimpse at the sky and wonders if she'll be able to make it back without getting drenched. probably not, unless she could freeze time.


sighing, she doesn’t have much of a choice, so she opts to start moving. but she skids to a stop just mere seconds later.




seungwan blinks dumbly at the girl before her, taking in her presence with a confused look. her girlfriend is trying her hardest to catch her breath discreetly, and her hair is a little messier than usual.


"i'm still mad at you." is the only thing joohyun mutters.


"i know." seungwan holds back the urge to smirk, "why are you here?"


the older girl makes a sound of annoyance before gesturing towards the sky above where heavy, dark clouds have long gathered. the inevitable pour announces its ever approaching presence with loud claps of thunder. joohyun looks pointedly towards her, muttering, "it's going to rain and you left home without an umbrella."


"but you only brought one." seungwan blinks, jutting a finger towards the purple umbrella in joohyun's hand.


"it's large enough for both of us."


seungwan bites the inside of her cheek, "i thought you'd be too mad to even want to do that." 


"if you rather get drenched, you can just say so." joohyun scoffs as she turns in the direction of home.


seungwan opens to speak but quickly decides against it. the last thing she wants is to piss joohyun off even more. she considers walking home alone, just behind joohyun.


but as if on cue, a drizzle begins and it grows into a shower within seconds. seungwan watches a flash of lightning appear and joohyun's shoulders tense. when the boom of thunder arrives a moment later, her girlfriend visibly jumps and seungwan races out of the train station.


she rushes to catch up to joohyun, taking the umbrella from her hands. shifting the umbrella to her left, she interlocks her right hand with joohyun's, bumping their shoulders together in the process. the deafening pitter patter of rainfall threatens to drown out their voices but with their proximity, it isn't a problem.


"thank you," seungwan grins, "i won't forget the dishes again."


"you seem to be forgetting something else."


"and doing the laundry."




"and taking out the trash."


"there's still one more thing."


seungwan leans in, planting a soft kiss on joohyun's cheek. she feels a squeeze against her hands and sees the slightest tinge of a blush appearing on joohyun's cheeks.


beaming, seungwan draws a deep breath into her lungs. she shouts into the streets, not caring if any heads turn. "i, son seungwan, would like to–"


joohyun slaps her freezing hands onto the younger girl's lips, glaring at her in the process. she hisses sharply,  "you don't have to do this every time… i just wanted a kiss."


seungwan mumbles something and raises her eyebrows cockily, making joohyun reluctant to pull her hand away.


"nobody's going to hear me with all this rain." seungwan reasons.


"it's enough for me to hear it," joohyun huffs. "this whole neighbourhood can be saved from your declaration."


"well, in that case," seungwan clears , "i, son seungwan, would like to declare that bae joohyun, my lovely girlfriend, is the greatest woman of our generation. and i really, really love her."

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