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sleep talk




joohyun didn’t have them very often but she’s sure to dream of something threatening after a horror movie night. in her defense, despite her blatant distaste for horror, everyone else thought that verónica would be a great film to watch. even if seungwan was on her side, it was still three against two, so she’s outnumbered either way.


the leader did spend most of her time burying her face in the crook of seungwan’s neck, but it doesn't last long because the younger woman was snoring away before they even got to the scariest parts of the film. essentially, seungwan had abandoned her to deal with the rest of the film all alone. and the worst part of it all? all the pillows had been stolen by the younger girls — joohyun should’ve prepared for a backup plan, now she only has her tiny hands to shield her from jump scares. and said tiny hands could only be used for cupping her ears or covering her eyes, it’s nothing short of horrible to be torn between the two.


she alternates between the two, hoping that when she covered her eyes, the sound effects wouldn’t be too jarring and vice versa. but joohyun is terrible at predictions and there’s nothing else she can do but to get scared.


“yah, son seungwan, wake up.” joohyun pleads softly though the movie is nearing its end, everyone knows that the end is where all the true horror begins. the leader shakes the unconscious woman next to her who is miraculously asleep despite all the screaming from the other members.


seungwan, who had been asleep on joohyun’s shoulder, stirs awake with a small yawn, blinking sleepily at the older woman with a small smile. she hums quietly before shifting to lie across joohyun’s lap — that was more pointless than she thought, joohyun groans silently but she didn’t have the heart to wake her because she looks way too comfortable now.


she sits through the entire film, suppressing all urges to jump because she would wake the tiny vocalist, though her heart is ready to leap out of her chest at any given moment. it didn’t help that they showed pictures from the actual story the film was based on, horror films were one thing but horror films based on true stories? an even bigger nope for her. 


the younger members bid her goodnight while she still remains trapped on the couch by seungwan, normally she’d try to get some sleep but a peaceful rest will be a rarity tonight. pictures of the dark, faceless humanoid-looking demon haunt her thoughts and there are too many pitch black spots in the living room. her imagination runs wild and her paranoia begins to kick in and she decides to pass on sleeping out in the open where the demons could get her.


joohyun frees herself from under seungwan and sighs heavily, there’s no way she could leave her precious girl on the couch where the dangers of the occult could potentially harm her. with a huff, she slips her hands under the nape of seungwan’s neck and the back of her knees, picking her up with much difficulty. perhaps she should consider herself lucky that seungwan is as small as her, a quiet musing as she struggles her way to the younger woman’s room — the nearer room of the two.


the leader lets seungwan down gently and the paranoia is momentarily forgotten by the physical strain of carrying her into the room. “you’re so lucky i love you…” joohyun mutters as she crawls into bed and drapes the sheets over their bodies.


“and i love you too.” seungwan replies and her lips slowly form a cheeky smile, she inches closer to joohyun and tangles their limbs together.


joohyun clicks her teeth with a slight frown but she could never stay mad at the vocalist, “you’re not that light, you know that right?”


“i’m helping you with strength training, hyun-ah.” seungwan chuckles while leaving a soft peck on the older woman’s cheek.


“okay then what about falling asleep halfway through?” joohyun turns to face her lover who’s on the brink of falling asleep once again, “you left me to deal with all the jump scares when you said you would protect me!”


“jump scare training.” is the only thing seungwan mutters before drifting off to sleep with a light snore.


the audacity of son seungwan to desert her in her time of need, she’d get back at her some other time, for now, all she wants is to catch some shut-eye. but her slumber doesn’t last for long, her nightmares attack her the moment she enters dreamland.


waking up with a jolt and gasping for breath is almost a ritual after any horror movie, then comes the weak resolution of never watching a scary movie ever again. a pair of arms coiling themselves around her waist draws a shrill shriek from joohyun’s throat and she jumps back in shock, falling off the bed with a pitiful thud. she lays on the cold hard floor for a moment, regaining her senses while her heart continues to pound rapidly against her ribcage.


“oh my god,” she sees seungwan’s face peeking over the edge of her bed with a concerned frown, “are you okay?”


“no more horror movies for me…” joohyun whimpers with a sulk while she continues to lay there.


the vocalist sighs softly though she’s trying her best to bite back a grin, "that's what you say but you cave pretty quickly, huh?"


she's not wrong, their last horror movie night had been a little over three weeks ago. with the exact same scenario happening, seungwan falling asleep only to be carried into the room by joohyun. and when she gets a nightmare, the vocalist doesn't hold back any affection that would comfort her.


“come back up, baby.” she whispers invitingly, patting the space where joohyun had been sleeping before.


with a huff, she crawls back into bed after her unfortunate plummet to the floor. seungwan makes sure to pepper a bunch of kisses on joohyun’s cheek while also pressing the older woman close to her chest.


"i think i'm starting to like horror movies." seungwan declares with a small chuckle.


"you don't even stay awake through it!" joohyun protests with a frown.


"yeah but at least i get to be the big spoon now."




"okay then, good luck with the demons." seungwan teases as she playfully untangles her hands from around joohyun.


a soft whine escapes joohyun's lips and it doesn't take long before the younger woman caves and wraps her in a tight embrace.


"nobody's going to get you while i'm here," the younger woman lets out a soft chuckle, "go back to sleep."


and she does, being lulled to sleep by the soft thrumming of seungwan’s heartbeat. her fears of the faceless demons are overshadowed by her love for this adorable human or rather, her personal guardian angel. she sleeps with serenity, knowing that seungwan will protect her, even from her dreams.

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