oh love, don't fall apart

sleep talk

"get up."


a hushed whisper emits from joohyun's throat, rousing seungwan from her sleep. it's not urgent, that's for sure. and judging by the darkness filling their room, it's safe to say that it's definitely not time to wake up too. maybe if she stays still, joohyun would let her go back to sleep.


"yah, son seungwan."


there goes any hope of her catching some extra minutes of sleep. the younger woman stirs and turns tiredly, the lethargy has yet to leave her bones despite how many hours of rest she's gotten. she snuggles a little closer to joohyun who's sitting beside her and sighs.


"we don't have a schedule today." she mutters, her voice comes out thick with sleep and her eyes are barely open.


"i know," the older woman grins, "i wanna do something with you."


"the sun isn't even up, you maniac." the vocalist groans while pulling the covers up to her nose. it's too warm to get out at the crack of dawn, even if it's at joohyun's behest. 


a whine escapes the leader's throat, of course, she would do this. she pushes at seungwan lightly, "come on, it'll be nice." 


to get seungwan to do anything, all joohyun has to do is pout a little, followed by a little pleading. that's exactly what she does and seungwan is pulling the sheets aside.


it's hard to spend time together, usually, they'd be with the other members. so spending alone time with joohyun is always something she looks forward to, but waking up before the sun has even risen is far from what a date should be. still, she lets joohyun tug her along.


they drive through the darkness of the roads, with some mellow music playing on the speakers. she takes the chance to catch some shut-eye but it's interrupted when joohyun nudges her on the arm lightly, placing her hand palm up in the air expectantly. an exchange of unsaid tenderness takes place and seungwan interlocks their hands tightly. as cranky as she is about it being six in the morning, it's alright if it's so they could spend time together.


the strong scent of brine fills her nose when they exit the car, it's only when she hears the waves crashing against the shore does her sleep-addled brain register that they're at the beach. joohyun gravitates towards her, linking their arms as she leads them towards an unknown destination. they slip their shoes off, burying their toes in the coolness of the sand. 


"was it really necessary to wake me up at 6 if you just wanted to stroll along the beach?"


"absolutely." joohyun chuckles, "we haven't even gotten to the best part yet."


"let me guess, it'll be when the big orange ball rises from over the horizon."


a huff is heard before joohyun kicks some sand over seungwan's feet. "it's gonna be beautiful, son seungwan."


"all the beauty in the world is right in front of me." the younger woman retorts with a light snicker. the stroll certainly has helped in waking her body up, that or realising what joohyun had planned for them. her greasy comment is met with more sand and the tightening of the older woman's grasp around her arm.


a faint tint of orange begins to seep into the darkness of the night as they settle on some large rocks near the shore. the vocalist rests her head on the small shoulders of her lover while they wait, watching the waves come and go in a rhythmic pattern. eventually, the golden glow swallows up the night, filling the couple with a sense of tranquility. seungwan turns to look at joohyun only to find her already staring. a soft giggle slips and they return to savouring the magnificence of mother nature.


"you're right," seungwan murmurs, "it is beautiful. but getting to witness this with you makes it tenfolds better."


joohyun raises an eyebrow, "and you didn't wanna get up."


"well thank you for forcing me out of bed." she smiles, planting a quick peck on the back of joohyun's hand.


the faintest tinge of a blush creeps up on the leader's cheeks and she reciprocates with a gentle press of her lips on seungwan's head. in this space with no one but them, while it's easy to forget the woes that come with a relationship like theirs, sometimes, it feels like it's the only thing they'll ever know.


"thank you for being here." joohyun says in a small voice, there's so much more she wishes she could say but to unload the burden of her words onto seungwan feels like it would be too much.


"it's okay," the vocalist coos, "you can tell me anything."


she bites her lower lip and averts her gaze to the waves; words never come easy. her shoulders deflate as she lets out a soft breath and seungwan is quick to reassure her with a gentle squeeze of her hands. she tosses the younger woman an appreciative smile before she speaks.


"there's so much i wish we could do, but i know we just can't. and it makes me feel like we're missing out on so much."


"like what?"


"like how we probably can't go on movie dates without being recognised, or how i can't kiss you whenever i want to. it sounds silly but i want to be able to experience all these little things with you." joohyun admits quietly.


"it's not, i want all of that too." seungwan shakes her head, "but we have our own moments too. movie dates at home where we're free to cuddle all we want, small kisses in the practice room that you love to give but they make me paranoid as hell. heck, look at where we are right now, does it still feel like you're missing out?"


it doesn't, if anything, it should be the furthest thing from it. 


perhaps it's the warmth of the sun adding to the delicate tone of seungwan's words but the realisation that she already has everything she wants. it brings about a feeling of serenity and it soothes her anxieties. she glances at her lover momentarily before leaning in to press their lips in a longing kiss. they'll have their moments, as fragmented and fleeting as they might be, every single one will be treasured.


"i guess not," joohyun smiles, "i can't wait to share more of these moments together."


"we will, but no more sunrise dates."


"but this is nice, isn't it?"


"it is, but not at the cost of sleep. we can have other types of dates."


"i'm holding you to that, son seungwan."

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