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sleep talk

joohyun doesn’t mess around when it comes to comfort, especially when it comes to clothes. her wardrobe, as seungwan would tease, is made up of nothing but hoodies and sweatshirts, with a few stolen from seungwan’s collection too. there’s nothing wrong with it, the leader would grumble, only to earn an apologetic peck from her girlfriend.


it’s a deserved kiss because seungwan is wrong. apart from her hoodies and sweatshirts, she’s stocked up for the nights too. various pyjama sets fill a section of her wardrobe, offering the optimal comfort for a good night’s rest. and she knows seungwan secretly agrees with her, not that the younger woman would ever get a set of her own.


the weekends are upon them, with no schedules planned the next day, joohyun takes the chance to do a little late-night reading. she has everything prepared for a comfy night; her favourite set of silk pyjamas, scented candles and seungwan tucked by her side. she barely gets a couple of pages in before the incessant caressing from her girlfriend becomes too apparent to ignore.


“if you’re going to keep touching me, you might as well get your own pyjamas.” joohyun huffs.


“don’t be stingy, joohyun-ah.” seungwan pouts, “i won’t let myself turn into a pyjama hoarder like you.”


“you won’t be hoarding anything if i’m borrowing them.”


seungwan hums, “you have more than enough to clothe everyone in this dorm for two nights.”


a sharp hiss is heard from joohyun and she tries her best to return to her reading. the vocalist chuckles before continuing her tracing of mindless patterns against her girlfriend’s arm. joohyun may have lost for now, but the idea of getting her own set has been planted in seungwan’s head, things will work out in the long run. 



seungwan caves within a day. her purchase arrives a week later; a small package which she unboxes with joohyun. unlike joohyun’s sleek and elegant jammies, seungwan decided to opt for something more fitting for her.


freeing it from the constraints of the shipping box, seungwan lifts her brand new set of pyjamas with a big grin.




the leader purses her lips and sighs. on one hand, the sight of seungwan gleefully holding up her brand new pyjamas makes her swoon. but on the other, the design that she picked out is questionable, though not to an extent that she won’t steal it. if it’s seungwan’s clothes, it pretty much has joohyun written all over it as well.


“come on, what do you think?” seungwan probes with a hopeful smile.


shaking her head, joohyun eyes the sky blue pyjama set with little cloud patterns covering every inch with disdain. yet, she can’t help but crack into a grin after picturing her girlfriend in it. “you are unbelievable sometimes, son seungwan.”


“but it’s cute, isn’t it?”


“yes,” joohyun gives in with a sigh, “it is.”


for the next few nights that they have the luxury of staying up, seungwan wears her jammies like a second skin. the other members notice and they don’t hold back their comments. it doesn’t bother the vocalist, they are but fools who have yet to experience how life-changing it is to own a pair of pyjamas.



two weeks is all it takes for joohyun to claim seungwan’s pyjamas as her own. all she needed was her girlfriend to wear it often enough for her scent to linger and she’s good to go. she does it as if it’s the most natural thing ever. after all, she’s stolen plenty of seungwan’s clothes before, what’s another pyjama set to her collection?


though seungwan silently bemoans the loss of her comfortable sleepwear, it doesn’t stop her from purchasing another with an equally silly pattern. the cycle repeats itself and joohyun has two new pyjama sets to her collection.


while she could do the same and lift a set out of joohyun’s closet, the vocalist has other motives in mind. so she purchases yet another set, this time, one with sunny side up eggs on it.


“so do you admit that pyjamas are comfortable?” joohyun asks with a smug smile as they lounge in bed one night, the older woman in seungwan’s cloud pyjamas and the younger in her latest egg ones. 


seungwan, with her face buried into joohyun’s side, offers a muffled response. “i barely get to wear them, hyun-ah.”


“you can always take them back.”


“and then they’ll disappear to your closet the next day.”


the leader shrugs and pulls her girlfriend closer, “you can always take mine.”


“tempting,” seungwan hums, “but i’ll wait till after you steal this too.”


joohyun delivers a playful smack and whines, “what’s that supposed to mean, wan-ah?”


chuckling, seungwan sits up and rests her head against joohyun’s shoulder. after years as close friends and months as a couple, the younger woman sees through her lover’s antics all too clearly.


“don’t think i’m clueless at how you only steal my clothes when they smell like me.”


joohyun bites down on her lips sheepishly, guilty as charged. she retorts with mock annoyance, “and don’t think i don’t know how you’ve been buying these goofy designs just to see if i’ll wear them.”


“well, point proven. you’re willing to wear any article of clothing that smells like me.” seungwan smirks.


a roll of her eyes accompanies the older girl’s reply, “fine, you win.” 


“i won at the cost of my wardrobe.”


“it’s not my fault that you smell good!”


seungwan giggles and leans in to press a tender kiss upon joohyun’s lips. “it’s a small sacrifice for your love, joohyun-ah.”


“can i pick the next design at least?”




“wan-ah …”


“fine, but i already have the next one in my cart. maybe the one after.”

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