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sleep talk

posted this on twitter a while back but i kinda like it so i cleaned it up and here we are.

the weekends are meant for sleeping in, a personal rule that joohyun has always abided by. but it’s something her girlfriend wouldn’t understand. seungwan always gets up at the crack of dawn; though she’d argue that nine hours of sleep is more than enough, getting up at nine is a little too much. it’s a peaceful sunday morning, joohyun had every intention of sleeping till noon, but seungwan’s less than discreet rummaging woke her up.


blinking the sleep out of her eyes, her gaze wanders over to the small, frantic figure currently scouring her desk for something. “heading out?” mumbles joohyun, voice heavy with sleep.


grimacing, seungwan turns to face her sleep-addled girlfriend. “sorry, did i wake you?”


“it’s fine,” the older woman yawns, “what are you looking for?”


running a hand through her hair, seungwan sighs, “my phone. i can’t seem to find it anywhere.”


rolling over in bed, joohyun turns to the bedside table and pulls seungwan’s phone out of charge. the screen lights up and her eyes happen to fall on the notifications, specifically, a recent message from seulgi.


seulbear 🐻

are you getting a new bag for seungcheol?


seungcheol? as far as she knows, there’s no one within their circle of friends who goes by that name. shoving it to the back of her head, she hands the device over to her girlfriend.


“plugged it in for you since you forgot.”


seungwan heaves a loud sigh of relief and strides over to leave a quick kiss on joohyun’s forehead. “thanks babe,” the younger woman grins, “i’ll see you later.”


joohyun flops a hand lazily in response and resumes her position under the warm duvets. hearing the door click shut, she tries to fall back to sleep, but the question of who the hell seungcheol is keeps her awake. it’s impossible that the pair have a mutual friend that she doesn’t know of. 



the question remains unanswered for the longest time and it eventually fades from joohyun’s mind. that is until she overhears a hushed conversation between the two best friends a few weeks later. 


seungwan had informed her that seulgi would be coming over for dinner. work was a little kinder, hence she managed to get off early. judging by the way they haven’t greeted her, she assumes that they were unaware of her presence. she peers into the kitchen to see the pair casually chatting while seungwan whipped up dinner.


“are you bringing seungcheol?”


“i don’t know, would it be too much?”


“if you’re going to go all out, you might as well go out with a bang.”


“i don’t think—“


a sneeze interrupts their conversation and seungwan’s head snaps towards the culprit. the pair look like deers caught in the headlights and joohyun is equally stunned. seungwan shoots her a brief smile, returning to the stove quickly, stirring whatever she’s cooking with an increased focus. wrinkling her nose, joohyun curses silently before acknowledging seulgi.


with an awkward wave, seulgi stammers, “h-hi unnie!”


she hides her suspicion behind a polite smile, “good to see you again, seulgi-yah.”


the youngest woman has her back turned, making it impossible to gauge her reaction. “you’re back early,” seungwan greets with a trace of panic edged in her tone, “how was work?”


“pretty good,” joohyun hums, “got off early so i thought i could come back and help.”


her girlfriend faces her with a wide smile, “don’t worry, seulgi can help. why don’t you go wash up instead?”


the way they act prickles her sense of caution. eyeing the pair, joohyun decides to concede instead. she feels the tension leaving their bodies with every step she takes from the kitchen. something is up, but she doesn’t feel a need to demand an answer just yet.



dinner with seulgi is normal, nothing felt off and joohyun didn’t think about it till she was waiting for seungwan in bed. with a little overthinking, her suspicions quickly escalate into something more. seungcheol is definitely a man’s name, but who the hell is he?


a buzz from seungwan’s phone draws her attention; her girlfriend is currently in the shower. joohyun glances over at the screen before pulling her gaze away. peeping at her girlfriend’s texts is definitely wrong, but the fear, or rather the anxiety of the unknown is starting to eat at her.


biting down on her lower lip, she peers at the screen with hopes that her worst fears aren’t coming true. 


seulbear 🐻

so how much did joohyun hear?


seulbear 🐻

hope everything’s still fine


her heart falls upon reading the message and her mind fixates onto a singular thought — is seungwan thinking of breaking up with her?


turmoil overwhelms her eventually, she tucks herself into bed and tries to fall asleep. seungwan comes out of the shower whilst blotting her hair dry with a towel.


“tired?” seungwan asks. joohyun waiting up for her is a usual occurrence unless she was pooped from work, which is hardly the case since they had dinner together.


with dread bubbling at the pit of her stomach, joohyun can’t even bring herself to formulate a proper reply, she merely hums and turns to her side. seungwan joins her in bed a little later, snaking her arms around her waist as usual. she can’t help but tense up under her girlfriend’s touch, to which the younger woman notices.


“what’s wrong?”




“hyun-ah,” seungwan prods, “come on.”


joohyun turns and meets her girlfriend with pursed lips. seungwan’s fingers trace tender circles against her skin and joohyun, despite her quivering lips, musters enough courage to ask. 


“who is seungcheol?”


the question catches seungwan off guard; a different worry had been plaguing her instead. she stammers, “w-what?”


“it wasn’t intentional and i’m sorry but i saw your texts and i overheard you and seulgi talking about a seungcheol.” joohyun admits, “i just want to know who he is.”


the air settles into a tension-filled silence, it feels like a brief eternity before seungwan bursts into laughter. cackling, she turns away from joohyun and slaps her hands over her face. “my god, is that what’s bothering you?”


“that’s half of it.”


“what’s the other half?”


pushing aside the turmoil that has nestled into her heart, joohyun mumbles weakly, “are you going to break up with me?”


“god no! why would you ever think that?” a swift and firm response escape seungwan’s lips as she shoots up in bed.


joohyun fiddles with her fingers, “your conversations with seulgi were really suspicious, what was i supposed to think?” 


“look, it’s going to ruin the surprise but if it’ll reassure you then okay.” amusement laced seungwan’s voice as she explains, “seungcheol is my guitar’s name and seulgi was helping me to plan a surprise for your birthday.”


“you’re not lying?”


“i’m serious, seulgi’s guitar is named kang scone.”


seeing the pout on her girlfriend's face turn into flushed embarrassment is enough for seungwan to know that this issue has been resolved.  this could've gone much worse, she envelopes her girlfriend in a reassuring warmth. “if it makes you feel better, i have every intention of marrying you.”


oh it does, a large grin finds its way onto joohyun’s lips and she plants a deep kiss on seungwan’s lips. “so you were going to play the guitar and propose on my birthday? how romantic.”


“can you pretend to be surprised when i do it?”


“mhm, okay. but only if son seungcheol lives up to my expectations though.”


“don’t worry, you’re both in good hands.”

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