girlfriend buff

sleep talk

joohyun doesn’t think much of it when she receives a link to a subreddit, ending up at the top of various subreddits has become a pretty common occurrence after her sudden boom in popularity over the past year. but this time, the subreddit she’s supposedly dominating isn’t one that screams good news.




her chat had been spamming links to a specific post from the moment she started the stream so what’s a little harm in indulging her audience? she would find out how wrong she is the moment the page loads.


renebaebae forgets to mute her mic


steeling herself, she looks into the camera. “no way, you guys would’ve told me.” the streamer says calmly to her chat, though the anxiety is certainly building up.


a flood of comments erupts with things like we did!! and yeah you were too busy to notice us kekw. she forces a nervous laugh and sighs, “well, let’s find out how i messed up, shall we?”


joohyun plays the clip, recognising it to be from last night’s stream. the joohyun on screen mutters a be right back as she picks up a phone call, and then she realises what went wrong. in her haste to pick up the call, she didn’t think to check if she actually muted herself on stream. so her one-sided conversation has been broadcasted to over ten thousand people.


she’d walked out of the view of the camera but her mic still somehow manages to pick up her voice in the room.


“yeah, baby?” she hears herself speak and god, joohyun wants to bite her fist from the embarrassment.


“i’m wrapping up real soon, another ten minutes tops.”


“we can cuddle in a bit, wan-ah.”


“right now? okay, fine, i’ll end the stream.”


the clip draws to a close with her pressing mute on the stream and actually talking to chat, mouthing an excuse along with multiple goodbyes and waving. the streamer leans back in her chair, scoffing as she blinks in disbelief. joohyun’s first worry isn’t how her audience would accept that she has a partner, but rather how she’s going to tell her that this has happened.


“well… that was embarrassing,” joohyun runs a hand through her hair, “can we pretend that nobody heard that? delete the clip while you’re at it too.” she jokes.


her chat being flooded with OMEGALULs and can we meet them? is relieving; this isn’t career ruining in any way but she supposes she’ll have to ask her girlfriend if she’s open to being introduced to her audience.


“well, thank you for the kind responses.” joohyun smiles, “and i’ll have to ask the missus first, but enough of that, we’ve got a big grind ahead of us today.”



“i saw something interesting today.” seungwan starts in a sleepy murmur as joohyun crawls into bed next to her after a long day. "on a particular subreddit."


she snuggles closer to her girlfriend and huffs. the younger woman pulls the comforter over them, encasing them in a warm cocoon. “i was going to tell you.” joohyun mumbles tiredly.


“so who’s this girlfriend? why haven’t i heard anything about her?” seungwan teases as she nuzzles her nose into the crook of joohyun’s neck.


the streamer scoffs incredulously, “i ended my stream to cuddle with her last night.”


“well, calling you to come to bed always works and you can’t deny that you like cuddling too.”


joohyun on her teeth and grunts, “yeah, yeah, i do.”


seungwan’s laughter sounds like a gentle melody to her ears and she pulls the small body a little closer to her. their relationship has been nothing but complicated, it started with the ever so sweet highschool love, before it ended in a breakup due to their differing futures. with joohyun pursuing a career in gaming and seungwan working towards becoming a singer, it seemed like their paths would never cross again. but it did, with a chance encounter at an event for streamers and seungwan was the guest performer.


ever since then, they've been together, supporting each others' careers wholeheartedly.


“how do you think your chat will react?” seungwan muses softly, her voice muffled from being buried in joohyun’s chest.


“to what?”


the blonde grins, “if they knew renebaebae was dating wendy.


“they’d lose their minds.” joohyun scoffs, thinking about the emotes that would be spammed in chat.


“i can’t wait to put you back on livestreamfail.


“you’re so evil, wendy.


"let's take it slow, shall we? i still don't know what poggers means."


"you're poggers." joohyun giggles as she leaves a soft kiss on the crown of her head.



with seungwan's agreement, joohyun devises ways to subtly introduce her girlfriend to her chat. it starts with more phone calls from the singer requesting for her presence in bed. then it's followed by seungwan popping into the room to bring snacks. eventually, a hand pops into the frame of the camera and until finally, joohyun ends up on the subreddit again.


renebaebae forgets to mute her mic again


the streamer would always hit mute when seungwan comes in, revealing her voice would be too easy for her audience to find out who her girlfriend is. the clip starts with joohyun looking towards her door that's out of the view of the camera.




"can i watch you play?"


"of course," joohyun beams, pointing towards an area just out of the camera's frame but still relatively close to her desk, "you're safe here."


she gets her companion settled in before turning back to her chat only to see a wave of panicked emotes along with a few smirking ones.


her eyes visibly widen and she freezes, "oh ."


"let me guess, livestreamfail?"




"well then," the person hidden away in the corner shuffles over to joohyun and lowers herself to be in frame, "hello everyone, my name is seungwan."


"you may know me as wendy," the blonde wraps her arms around joohyun's neck, soothing the streamer's panic with a kiss on the cheek. "but here, i'd rather be known as renebaebae's girlfriend."


joohyun snorts, pulling the singer into her lap and they watch the comments roll. snickering as seungwan read out a couple of comments.


no way, that's wendy!!! 






"told you they'd lose their minds."





hurried footsteps followed by her girlfriend barging into her room moments later never fails to send a smile to joohyun’s face.


“what’s wrong?”


joohyun pouts, leaning back in her seat. “i’m on a losing streak.”


seungwan heaves a sigh of relief as she rolls her eyes. strutting over to joohyun, she stands beside her girlfriend and slinks an arm around her shoulder. glancing at the screen, she sees joohyun’s match history highlighted in red, and usually that means joohyun becomes a little whinier.


“what can i do?”


“give me a kiss?”


seungwan obliges while trying her best to suppress a smile, she leaves a soft peck on joohyun’s lips and pats her softly.


“now you can win.”


“where are you going?” joohyun’s voice escapes in a soft, almost heartbreaking murmur, “the girlfriend buff doesn’t work if you’re not around.”


it’s an easy choice to make, not that she could bring herself to leave either, so seungwan stays. joohyun’s match history begins to show hints of greens, and seungwan is gasping and wowing at all of her plays. with someone as supportive as her girlfriend watching her, naturally, she would play better.


“the girlfriend buff isn’t real is it? you just wanted to flex your skills to me?” seungwan hums after watching joohyun get another ace.


“it is,” joohyun insists with a sheepish smile, “but i just wanted you here too.”

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