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Shuhua has been working with C.U.B.E incorporated (Corporate United in Beating Evil) for just around a year yet she has already proven herself time and time again to be one of their most valuable spies.


Recently, reports have been surfacing that one of the most wanted and elusive criminal masterminds has been spotted in the country. Shuhua, along with her colleagues Soojin and Yuqi, have been tasked with a dangerous mission only fit for the most skilled and agile of spies, to track down and arrest the Villaness.

Contrary to popular belief, Shuhua is far from qualified for this mission; destined would be a much better word. As fate would have it, she encounters the infamous Cho Miyeon one on one. Although on high alert, she can’t help but unknowingly drop her guard down, enchanted by the presence of someone she refuses to believe is “evil” with a voice and smile like that.


Meeting up a few more times with your enemy wouldn’t hurt right?


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Shuhua: Top Secret Agent

Miyeon:  Most elusive and Wanted Villainess

Yuqi: Shuhua’s Comedic Agent BFF, Tech wizard

Soojin: Veteran Spy, mentor/mom to Shuhua and Yuqi

Soyeon: Head of C.U.B.E Inc. (Director)

Minnie: Miyeon’s partner in crime, Hacker


Amber: Head Tattoo Artist, good friend of Soojin

Chaeyoung: Tattoo Artist, 2-year newbie but has become close and fond of Soojin

Dahyun: 7eleven cashier, highschool friend of Yuqi

Sana: 7eleven employee, very bubbly and friendly




Miyeon x Shuhua (Main)

Minnie x Yuqi (Side)

Soojin x Soyeon (Just a company rumour, right?...)


Sana x Dahyun (Can somebody please make a move?! And by somebody I mean KIM DAHYUN!!)

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