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zeke ♂️

[ second account / carrd ]

professional time-waster & full-time procrastinator

runs on fruit juice and coffee as a life source, sometimes beer ; i write whatever and whenever i want.

**you can translate/convert my fics, so long as you inform me first and put credits once they're posted.


NOTE: As of 11/24/2021, I will no longer be writing for (G)I-DLE nor any K-Pop group. All unfinished works are now discontinued.



together with you is my favorite place to be – MinQi

fate brings people together from far apart – MiShu

i'm much more me when i'm with you – SoyeJin

i'll hold your hand and grow old with you – SooShu


Chaptered Works:

Exterminate [Discontinued] – MinQi (Crime AU)

Caught in your (mouse) trap [DRAFTED] – MinQi (Hybrid AU)

we can work this out [Discontinued] – MiShu (Fake-Date AU)

you swiped right into my heart [Discontinued] – SoyeJin (Tinder Dating AU)

life is sweet (when i'm with you) [Discontinued] – MinQi (Sugar Mommy AU)

Human After All [Discontinued] – JenSoo / ChaeLisa (D:BH-inspired AU)


Other Works:

girls like girls – SoyeJin / MinQi / MiShu (one-shot)

suicide thoughts come and go like a guest to me (i just wanna get relief) – Soyeon + Shuhua + Yuqi (two-shot)

that star on the christmas tree – SooQi (one-shot)

pumpkin spice and coffee – SooQi (one-shot)

some bunny loves you – MiYu / SoyeJin / MinShu (two-shot)


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