The Untold Behind the Scenes


This is a SOLJI x OC (Original Character) type of fiction.

You are Avery Chu. Despite being just 23-years old, you've already acquired your medical degree and specialization as a general surgeon. The story begins when you were accepted to work in Seoul National Hospital. By chance, through your job, you became acquainted with the K-pop industry and this includes EXID, or Solji to be exact.

Read on to see what happens..



As aforementioned, this is a Solji x OC fiction. Everything stated here is derived from fantasy thus must not be taken seriusly. This  includes any medical, entertainment, or law technicalities and any names of establishments that will be added within the story. Moreover, this doesn't necessarily follow the chronological order of their debuts and performances. This would also be guesting other kpop idols outside EXID.

I apologize in advance if my grammar, manner of writing, and plot aren't great since English isn't my native language and this is also my 1st time attempting to write, to be honest.

Regardless, I take pleasure in writing them. I'm open to suggestions and criticisms so don't hesitate to comment (if anyone would even come across this fiction).

Truthfully, I don't expect any readers, but I'm open to surprises. Hehe.


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tahamil12 #1
When will Solji meet Avery? I'm excited for that to happen soon.