In the EXO Planet, there are 12 lucky men that could take onto the 12 elemental powers in every 100 years. After all 12 get them, they have to find each other. At the same time, there is an evil man and his wife that could past his son his evil powers(mainly absorbing any good energy) when both get to be in old age. The time had come…


As I said before, I moved my FF series from Tumblr to here, but there is one on Tumblr that is not finished yet so I figured that I would move the unfinished one here as well.

Back when I started this story, this is the first of the 4 series that I thought of doing when I was doing the TD Challenge, yet I couldn’t decide on which one to start because doing all 4 at once is tricky, so my brother picked the order for me. 

Now, one of them is out (the TD BTS GOT7 one). I literally have no control.

That's a wrap


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