Act 2


KrisHo, XIngDae down. From XiuTao, HunHan, BaekSoo, and ChanKai, who is next to be introduced?

EXO Cave 

Suho POV

 As I was walking by ChanKai’s room, I noticed that the said two were talking.

“I don’t know, hyung. He seems to be uninterested.” I hear Kai, I think, say.

“You have got to man up, Kai. D.O must be interested.” Chanyeol answers. “Now enough of your problem, what about mine?’

“You both are annoying and bubbly klutzes, so perfect match.” Kai jokes. “But seriously, Baek hyung would love it.” I immediately walk back to the room. Baekhyun is the only one that I know of that... I got an idea. I went into the room with a big grin on my face. Kris looks at me like I’m nuts.

“Why that devious smile? Was it Sehun or D.O again?” He asks as I shake my head.

“However, it’s about D.O,” I say.

“Keep talking.” 

“I overheard Chanyeol and Kai on my way here. Chanyeol likes Baekhyun, while Kai likes D.O.” 

“So, why do you have that...You want to get them together?”

“Yes, so I have a plan...”

Later that day

“Guys, I think that D.O and Baek like Kai and Chanyeol,” Luhan says as we gather them all, minus KaiSoo and ChanBaek of course.

“How do you know?” Lay asked.

“The looks that they have with them.”

“Good news. I overheard Chanyeol and Kai liking them too, so I got a plan.” I say to them. “TEAM MEETING, BOYS.”

Chanyeol, Kai, and D.O come in.

“Wait, where’s...” Kris asks as Baekhyun runs out in a bathrobe and a towel on his head.

“I don’t wanna know,” Xiumin says. “As you were saying.”

“It’s Kai’s turn to get toiletries and Baekhyun’s to get food,” I say to them as said two growls in annoyance. “D.O, you go with Kai, while Chanyeol goes with Baekhyun.” They leave as I laugh like a maniac. Baekhyun comes in after his shower and they leave.

“Meanwhile, switch Chanyeol and D.O rooms,” I tell them as they nod. We all moved them.



We get all the TP and napkins and head to check out. The cashier looks at both of us with a smile. I look at D.O by accident, and he blushes, then gives me the ‘I will kill you in your sleep’ look, so I looked away. We thank the cashier and head to the parking lot. I pull him to the sidewalk.

“Why were you looking at me?” He asked me in a failed threatening way. 

“Umm. (sighs) I like you, OK?” I say as he freezes.

“Kai-ah...” I kiss him quickly. Both of us were really red. “I like you too, Kai-ah.”

“So, boyfriends?” I ask as he smiles. We walk back to the EXO cave. 


Baekhyun POV

We are walking back with our groceries. I suddenly hear Chanyeol talking to himself. 

“Thanks for pick me, Suho hyung. Now, I can't stop blushing from this cutie pie of a crush, especially with that robe on him...” That’s when I froze. 

“Chanyeol. Chanyeol. PARK CHANYEOL.” When I yell that at him, he looks at me.


“I just heard your monologue.”

“ did?” 

I nod as he hides his face. 

“Chanyeol-ie,” I say to him as we kiss. We kissed for a good...I would say...5 minutes. After he broke, we were catching our breaths.

“Baek, please be my...” 

“YES, HELL YEAH.” I didn’t let him finish as we hug, then I realized that dairy products are in our hands. “We should probably get back.”

“Agree.” He says as we continued walking.

EXO Cave

Kris POV

The others arrive, KaiSoo holding hands, while BaekYeol were holding hands. 

“Suho hyung’s plan worked,” Sehun whispers as he, Xiumin, and Luhan help with the bags. While we were putting things away, we hear all 4 newbies scream.

“What is it? A ghost?” Tao asked. I sigh and walk to KaiSoo’s new room.

“They noticed that we switched them up,” I say as we feel the ground shake. Kai transports here.

“What happened to the rooms?” Kai asked as Baekhyun and Chanyeol runs out as well. 

“We knew that you would be the next couple up, so I sent you in pairs so we could get you together and switch up the rooms.” Suho says as we hear the loudest “Aish’ I’ve ever heard. Tao panics and stops them using time control. 

“I think that took that pretty well.” Xiumin jokes. 

Yes. ChanBaek and KaiSoo are finally together. XIuTao and HunHan left. Will they switch or stay as is?

EXO Cave, Field Area

Luhan POV

Just I thought that we were done making sure that we are good with our powers, I thought wrong. So, here we are again. I wonder who is that reason. (Baekhyun)

“Luhan, you’re next,” Suho says, breaking my thoughts. Using telekinesis, I picked up a rock(noticing D.O’s snicker) and threw it to the dummy. “Great work, Lu. Next is Xiumin.” I looked at him, maybe for too long. When he looks back, we made eye contact as I looked away. He uses frost to freeze the dummy. 

“Next up is Tao,” Kris says as the said boy stops time to kick the dummy and turned everything back to normal. I see my roommate, Sehun, trying not to blush. 

“Finally, it’s Baekhyun,” Suho says as he successfully uses light to lighten the dummy and not any of our eyes. 

“Good work, everyone. Next time we’re here, we are training in duos. See you inside.” Kris says. I forgot to mention that since Kris and Suho are together, they have both been leaders as a couple, even though I and a certain someone are the oldest. We all leave to go inside. I noticed that Sehun and Tao have been, for the most part, really flirty lately. Time for some detective work.

Mount Evil

Lady POV

“Guard, what’s taking so long?” I ask as the guard shrugs. “Aish, why can’t we get any good help around here. Nothing by the borders at all?” The guard shakes his head as I dismiss him. 


Xiumin POV

“Hey, Lu-ge. What’s up?” I ask Luhan as he runs to me.

“Have you noticed Sehun and Tao lately? I think that they are hiding a relationship.” He asks.

“Yes. At least I’m not the only one who notices.” 

“I got an idea. Since we are roommates with them, spy on Tao while I got Sehun. Deal?” I nod as we go our separate ways, even though I don’t want to.

Author POV

And they did just that. They followed TaoHun couple around at all times except the bathroom since they aren’t erted. (AN: Unlike Chen. LOL I couldn’t resist that joke) Sehun had enough and grabbed Tao to the kitchen.


“Have you noticed that Xiumin and Luhan hyungs have been following us?” Sehun asks. 

“Yes, I have. It’s kinda creeping me out. Maybe...” I pause as I gasp.

“What’s with that face, hyung?” 

“I think that they found out about us.”

“Crap, this is bad.” 

“Ya think? Will they tell Suho hyung? Or worse Kris-ge?”

“Probably not unless we do so.” We walk to our rooms and grabbed Xiumin and Luhan. 

“Why have you been following us?” Sehun asks them.

“If it’s because of us being together, it’s true,” I say.

“Wow, you’re good,” Xiumin says.

“If you tell Suho or Kris hyungs...” Sehun says, threatening with his air. I took that as a sign to threaten them as well, so I knocked over a vase and stopped it using time control.

“I’ll tell you what. If you don’t tell, we will.” Luhan says as he leaves. That gave me an idea.

“I got an idea to get ahead. We’ll request that we want to switch rooms.” I say.

“They might question it, but I like that idea. That way, I won’t hear Suho hyung saying ‘switch rooms’.” Sehun says. We walk to the leader's office and knocked. 

“Come in. It’s open.” We hear Kris say as we walked in.

“I have a complaint,” I say. “I think that it’s best for us to switch rooms. Sehun and I are same age friends and so are Xiumin and Luhan hyungs. We always are hanging out with each other anyway.”

“I think you’re right,” Suho says. “Go right ahead.”

We bow to leave. We walk into Luhan and Sehun’s room. We see both targets inside.

“We’ll tell them another time, but for now, we are getting ahead and switching rooms,” Sehun says.

“Good thinking,” Xiumin says. “Having him say switch rooms gets annoying.”

“I agree. However, you better tell them that you are together.” Luhan threatens as we nod and bow. We decided that we will get Sehun’s room, while XiuHan will get my old room, so that makes me and Luhan switch rooms.

That Night

Still Tao POV

As we were eating, we see Xiumin purposefully playing with his element and Luhan playing with his fork with his as Sehun and I look at each other. We nod as Sehun taps on his glass.

“I have an announcement.” He says as D.O sighs.

“If it’s about Baekhyun hyung not screwing up his element, we already know.” He says as Suho hyung splashes his element, water, in his face. 

“Let him finish. Continue Sehun.” Suho says.

“We are forced to come clean with this. Tao and I are dating.” Sehun says as gasps fill the room. 

“That’s why you ask to switch rooms,” Suho says.

“Wait, who forced you?” Kris asks in a growl.

“Xiumin and Luhan kinda found out and threatened us to tell you or else... you fit the empty puzzle piece,” I say as KrisHo has matching stink eyes to the two eldest members. I find these two as suspicious as we seemed.

AN: Looks like Lady is as impatient as I am with long lines at a restaurant. Do you think that Xiumin and Luhan are suspicious? 

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