Act 1


Author POV, May 2012

After all 12 boys get their powers, they finish their quest on finding each other in 2 months' time. They then find a cave that they clean up and claim as their secret hideout. After introducing their names and elements, they vote for who becomes a leader. the following became roommates: TaoRis, SuLay, XiuChen, BaekSoo, ChanKai, HunHan, for now. They all happened to be homoual, so two members became one…

July 2012, 9 am


I find out that Baekhyun was adjusting my room light again, so out of anger, I kinda cause a small earthquake, which triggered our leader.


“SORRY HYUNG,” I answer as he knocks on my door, in which I answer.

“What was that for?”

“Well, somebody was messing up my lights again.”

“Just…don't get mad at that.” With that, he left. After a while, it was time for training. We all arrive in the fields nearby and did our thing. Afterward, Suho gathers us to the table for lunch. While eating our rice, Suho clears his throat.

“So, Kris and I have an announcement.” He says.

“If you gonna tell us that he’s the second in command, we already know,” Chen says.

“That’s not it,” Suho says, trying not to blush. Idiot. “Kris and I decided to become a couple.” After a few seconds (I counted), there was a chorus of ‘what?’ fills the room.

“So, I and Lay will switch rooms later today, so Lay and Tao will be roommates while Suho and I will have our own room,” Kris says after the room dies down. “Now we got that out of the way, finish eating.” After we ate, Kris and Lay went ahead and packed their things to switch rooms.

Mount Evil

Lord’s self-intro

I am Lord Semini, and this is my wife, Lady Semini. (A/N use your imagination on what they look like) These are our guards around us, along with around our castle border and in the woods. Our prince is in the Evil School on the other side of the Mountains. (A/N that’s about the same miles as the distance between Florida and New Jersey)

“Yeobo, it’s the 100th year.” Lady Semini comes into the room and interrupts my introduction.

“What? Not already.” I answer her.

”There should be 12 new ones. That’s why your dad gave you those energy absorbing powers, remember?”

“I know, but… never mind. Have the guards give us some names and faces.” I say as she does so. Meanwhile, I go into the basement and finish the robot that I worked on a few years ago. (A/N See the Power MV for the robot)

Lady POV

“Madame. I found the info of each member and which of the 12 elements they have.” The guard told me as I grin.

“Excellent. Give us any trace of them.” I say as the guard salutes and heads to the master bedroom to tell Lord Semini. ‘now we play the damn waiting game.’ I say.

EXO Cave

Chen POV

“Good shot, Air. Earth?” Suho says after Sehun successfully knocks down a dummy with strong air. D.O opens a crack big enough for the dummy to fall in. “Great. Next is Frost.” Xiumin freezes the dummy. “Awesome. Light.” Pause. Baekhyun successfully blinds me instead of changing the light.

“Sorry Chen.’ Baekhyun says as Lay hyung heals my eyes. ‘oh god.’ 

“Light was the last one, so dismiss. Baekhyun, you train a little more.” Suho says as we all leave. I go to my room. That night, I use lightning to light a lantern. I go to the kitchen, trying not to wake up the others, especially my grumpy-when-woken-up roommate, Xiumin hyung. The kitchen light was on, but not just anyone is in there. Lay hyung, aka my crush, was. He turns around.

“Hey, Chen. Just looking for something. Why are you up still? It’s 10 pm.” He says as I look at him in awe. 

“Wa...Water. I’m a little parched.” I answer as he grabs some berries. ‘Why in the world does he have... Maybe healing-related things.’ I thought as he bows and goes into his and Tao’s room and I grab my cup(A/N each cup, etc has a designated symbol on them for each member) and goes back into my room.

Next Morning

At breakfast, we sat around the table and got ready to eat the omelets. 

“Hold on,” Kris says, counting. “11. (sighs) where’s...” Lay hyung comes in and sits next to me. As I was hiding a blush, Suho speaks up.

“Now, we have all 12, let’s dig in.” He says as we ate. Afterward, Lay grabs my arm and takes me to his and Tao’s room. 

“Chen. I have noticed that you have been acting a little...blushy on me.” He says. ‘Crap. Busted’

“Umm...” I say, shaking.

“I’m not dumb. I notice. Do you like me, Chen-ie?” After a few seconds, I hesitantly replied with a “Yes.”

“Do you want us to be official, Chen?” He asks.

“Hyung...” I say as we kiss. He releases as I smile. "I’m probably a tomato, huh?”

“Yes, but my cute and hot one.” He says, winking. 


“Everyone, I got an announcement and it’s about Chen,” Lay says proudly. ‘Oh, crap.’ 

“What is it?” Suho says as 10 eyes are on us.

“So remember when Suho and Kris hyung came to be?” I ask. “Well, we are too.” After a second, Suho leaves a breath. 

“Room change again. Lay and Xiumin switch rooms this afternoon.” Suho says, applauding. 

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