Act 5


No One POV

As K continues to backtrack, M continues their "looking for castle" journey.

Woods, K


As we walk out of the original trail to get to the one the other members went to, Suho suddenly stops.

"What is it, hyung?" Baekhyun asks.

"We haven't even walked five minutes and you already needing a breather?" Sehun asks.

"Sehun shut it." I snap at our maknae. "What is wrong, Suho hyung?"

"To save time, I think that Kai must teleport us to the other members' location," he answered. "Sehun, contact Tao about the dead end."

"Already ahead of you," the maknae says.


Luhan POV

As we kept walking, Tao screams, jumping out of his skin. We all look at him, concerned.

"What happened?" I ask him.

"My earpiece scared that crap out of me," he answers. After a few seconds of recovering from his scare, he then presses his earpiece, asking, "What is it, Sehun?"


"We stopped at a dead end. We are on our way to your end." With that, Sehun turns his earpiece off.

"Let's go," I say.

"Ready?" Kai asks, in which we all nod. Kai does his thing and we teleported out.

M, Luhan POV

"OK. I'll tell the others."

After he releases his earpiece, Tao turns to us all.

"What's wrong?" Kris asks.

"They are stuck at a dead-end, so they are..."

Suddenly, we see the others arrive via Kai's power.

"...on their way here." Tao finishes. We all have a short reunion.

"Is the robot destroyed?" Chen asks.

"Yes. It is gone," Baekhyun says.

"How did you destroy it?" I then ask.

"From the inside out," Kai says.

"Huh?" Xiumin asks.

"I was teleported into the robot and used my fire to destroy it in the inside where the main power source might be from, and Kai teleported me back out when I found success," Chanyeol explains.

"You do realize how risky that was," I exclaimed.

"You would've been lucky to get out of there alive," Tao adds.

"You are right, but I trust Kai's timing," Chanyeol says.

"Ok enough. Since we are together again, let's keep going." Suho says. The rest of the members nod and we continue to walk the trail.

A little while later, we see a castle.

"This must be it," Lay says. With that comment, a certain sassy kid scoffs.

"Well, what wouldn't it be?" Sehun says, rolling his eyes. Suho smacks him upside the head. "Ow."

"Let's go in and kick ," DO says, already walking towards the castle.

"We must be careful," Kris says.

We all turn around, so Kris continues. "They must be strong. Considering how tough that robot was to obliterate, the two must be strong, especially when I see some guards ahead. We never know what they are capable of."

"D.O's right. We came so far, so let's use these powers for good use," I say. "Let's work as a team."

Everyone else nods as we walk to the entrance, guards already surrounding us. We easily defeat them and run. We eventually got into the main room, but it wasn't easy, considering that the guards were sent in our path, and there were a lot of them. Thankfully, I don't see any more of those guards for now. Now, it's just us and the Seminis. 

"You came. Took you long enough. What are you, cowards?" Lady asks.

"Not surprised though. Their ancestors came throughout the years," Lord comments, arms crossed.

"I could tell that you guys are shaking in your skins," Tao jokes.

"Cut the talk. Ready to die?" Lord asks.

"Shouldn't we say that to you?" Chanyeol asks.

"We should split up," Lay says. "Me, Kris, Sehun, Luhan, Chanyeol, and Kai will fight Lord. Suho, Chen, Tao, Xiumin, Baekhyun, and D.O will take care of Lady."

"Sounds like a plan," Kris agrees. "Let's destroy them once and for all. Lay, be on standby in case that we get injured" 

We all nod and split up into our groups. We all start attacking Lord. Lay keeps on standby. Lord shoots a beam to us, Kai easily teleports away, taking Lay, Sehun, and Chanyeol with. Kris grabs me and we fly away. The rest of us come back as Kris places Luhan on the ground. I eye a candle holder and uses my telekinetic power to throw it at Lord's forehead. Chanyeol shoots fire and Sehun blows air at Lord, who dodges it. He then hits Sehun, who in which goes to Lay, who quickly heals him. Sehun immediately blows air to Lord and he falls. Meanwhile, I look at Suho and his crew. Lay eyes where I am looking at and we both see what is going on on their end. Xiumin and Suho both shoot their respective powers at her, hitting her. Chen hits her with thunder, barely missing her. D.O shoots some earth power at her, just missing her. As he tries to slow down time, Lady shoots at Tao. Everyone, our end included, look at them in confusion. Something then hits Suho into realization.

"I heard that they have the power to up our powers," Suho says lowly.

"Uh oh. This is bad," Chen says. Baekhyun lowers the lighting in the castle.

"So you're saying that they took my superpower?" Tao asks.

"Unfortunately, I think that's the case," Kris says.

"Come on. Let's gather together," Suho suggests, to which Tao, Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chen, and D.O then nod. They all run to the rest of us, Lady following just behind to go to Lord. 

"Great job shooting at that kid, yeobo," Lord praises. "Now we have less of these super brats to worry about."

You mean Sehun?" Baekhyun asks. Sehun looks at Baekhyun, wide-eyed and gasps. "I  rest my case." 

Baekhyun stops his laughing after he sees Suho, who is glaring at him.

"I wish that we knew the power level that Tao is in now," Kai says. "I want to know if it's 100% out of him."

"I agree," Suho says. "For now, we must defeat them without his time controlling power."

"We have no choice," Kris says. "Let's go. Until we figure out how much power you have left, if the left any (Kris looks at the said two), we will have you be with Lay." Tao nods at that.

Baekhyun uses his light control to completely darken the mansion. When the Seminis looked towards us, Baekhyun turns the light back to it normally was, showing ourselves all together as a group and ready to fight, powers all ready to go, including a flying Kris and Lay (along with Tao) sitting down. 

"Finally, we get to the action," Lord says, smug.

I start the attack by grabbing a vase and successfully hits Lord. Lady gasps.

"That was my favorite," Lady sasses, which I shrug. We all continued to attack them with our powers, hitting them a little bit or barely missing them.

"Goddammit. I missed," Xiumin smugs at Lady. He almost hits frost at her head.

We continued to attack them. I throw random decorations at them (I even threw a painting). The offense is mainly Xiumin with his frost, Chen's thunder, Suho's water, D.O's earth, Sehun's wind, and Chanyeol's fire, and my own telekinesis. Kai's teleportation and Kris' flight would be the main defense. A couple of times, Lord or Lady would hit someone, in which Tao must give them to Lay in order to heal as soon as possible. Baekhyun got bored, so he kept controlling the light in the castle. This goes on for quite a while. I would say 45 minutes.

"This is getting tiring," Chen whines.

"Well, if they stopped dodging like pussys, then they we would've gotten them by now," Tao sasses.

Lord gasps dramatically. After some more minutes, Lord decides to give an anti-climactic hit to D.O. I am surprised that it was not the power-draining bull. Lay quickly heals him  

"What should we do about Tao? We need his help," I ask.

"I think that the only thing that we can do is to have me test my powers," Tao answers. "I felt dangerously low when she attacked me, but there is only one wat to find out." Tao focuses, and the time only stops for a couple of seconds. Tao returns the time to normal.

"It's short," Lay concludes. "Let's only use it for emergencies. I wish that I could heal his power."

We nod in agreement. Baekhyun would suddenly use his light power differently by shining it directly to them, and Suho gets an idea. 

"I got a plan. It just might work, so here's the plan..." Suho starts as we all huddle up. 

A little later, still Luhan POV

We all go back to our original positions. Kai grabs Lay to teleport him out. He comes back and grabs Sehun, then Chanyeol, then Chen, then finally (for now) myself. We all are in front of the edge of the Semini's territory. 

"I am worried about them all," I say. "Especially Xiumin."

"Don't worry, Luhan. They got this." Sehun says.

"We must believe in them," Chen adds. "For now, get ready for your cue." 

Meanwhile inside the castle, Kris' POV

Tao slows down time using his power (We couldn't help but comment on how ridiculous their slow-motion was). Acting fast before Tao's time control runs out, Baekhyun shines a light at their faces. Xiumin changes the temperature around us, while D.O immediately raises the earth around them so they could be trapped. I start flying, grabbing Baekhyun first, setting him down with the others (Chanyeol enthusiastic about this) at the same time Kai teleports D.O out of there. When I come back, I see Tao weakly on the floor, his power already gave out on him. I could tell the Semini's confused faces, but we must complete this mission. 

Outside, Luhan POV

Chanyeol throws some fire at me while I sent it inside the castle.

Inside, Kris POV

Kai teleports Tao out of here. I grab Xiumin, we are already in the air when the Seminis suddenly breaks the earth barriers around them and see the fire. They physically attack Suho. I start to set Xiumin down so we could help him.

"We are taking your precious leader with him," Lord evil laughs.

Xiumin stops me from running, successfully holding me back.

"Let me go, Xiumin," I order. "We must help him." 

"You must calm down. We have no time to alter the plan," He says. 

He starts to push me towards the door of the main room. 

"Take me to the original place we planned." 

"What about Suho? We can't leave him."

"We'll figure something out with the rest of the team. Let's move it, Kris."

I sadly made eye contact with Suho, who is still on top of Lord, Lady pushing him off of him while he was distracted. I grab Xiumin and we both fly outside. I set him down. Baekhyun eyes me.

"Wait, where's Suho?" he asks. 

"The Seminis somehow got out of the trap and attacked Suho as we were on our way to go out," Xiumin explains. "Kris, of course, took some arguing to talk him into sticking with the plan."

"I see," Baekhyun says after a long pause.

"Kris, are you ok?" D.O asks. I look at him.

"No. I did not want to leave him alone in a burning building." I say. "I am not letting my partner die in there. Now, what do we think we should do? I don't wanna leave him there. Kai, teleport him out. Me flying him out. Guys, we must do something." 

Xiumin shakes me. "Kris, pull yourself together. We must keep calm. Earpieces, Kris. Earpieces."

"I agree with him. We must find out what he has been doing this whole time and see what he thinks," Kai says.

I nod and press a button.

Inside, Suho POV

While shooting some water to Lord (and hit him in the face), I hear a click of my earpieces. I am surprised that it didn't get destroyed from all of the power that went all over the place. I click the button on my earpiece.


Outside. Kris POV

"Are you alright?"

Inside, Suho POV

"For now, I am. These two are being as stubborn as that robot."


Outside, Kris POV

"Are you hurt? How much damage did you cause by the Seminis? What has been happening there? What do you think that we should do? We can't just leave you there? We can't just sit here, doing nothing. What's your call? Do you want one of us to help? Should I or Kai come to get you? Should you do this fight on your own?"


Inside, Suho POV

"Calm down, jagi. They are injured decently. I am not majorly injured. However, I am getting exhausted from all this power getting drained."

I hear a gasp in his end.

"Chanyeol and Luhan's fire is surprisingly still intact. I have been throwing water at them for a while, but I think that they are purposefully dodging it so the fire could come out. I honestly don't know if I could do this on my own much longer. I think that I could stay longer than I thought I could, but this couple just ain't dying. I think that..." 

I suddenly see blurriness in my vision. I could hear my earpiece, but I cannot focus at this point. I then see some dots in my sight before I passed out.

Meanwhile Outside, Kris POV

"Oh no. I think he passed out or fainted," I said in a panic. "I don't want to lose him."

"I think that you should grab him real quick. Lay must heal his wounds," Kai says, in which I would not be told twice, so I flew back inside the castle and saw Suho on the floor, passed out. I immediately put him into my arms. I see the Seminis, who are giving death glares. I start flying us out of here, but I look and see a beam coming out of their hands. The beam goes out of the building. The Seminis then fall completely and disintegrate. I concluded that the beam is most likely their powers being sent to somewhere else for the next generation of power holders to worry about. I am glad that this is finally the end of those evil things, but now I am concerned about losing not only my fellow co-leader, but my boyfriend, so I didn't waste any more time and got out of there. I look at the castle one more time, up in flames. I then look down and didn't see the other members, but I didn't have to look that far. They were in the woods. I swooped down and set Suho gently on the ground. Lay starts to heal his body.

"I hope that he is alright," Tao cries.

Lay looks down and puts his ear on Suho's chest. He sighs in relief.

"He still breathing." We all sigh in relief. Lay continues to heal him.

"Let's get out of here. Our quest is finally completed," Luhan suggests.

"I agree. Kai, teleport us back to our base." I say.

"Already ahead of you," Kai says. "Kris, I suggest that you keep Suho close in your arms."

I nod, and I grab Suho back into my arms. Kai teleports us out.

A/N Man, this was long. I think that this turned out how I imagined. It, however, had a lot more twists than I thought. 

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