Act 3


TaoHun has finally come clean. Are Luhan and Xiumin a couple or will they stay single? Even though you probably figure what the answer to that one is.

EXO Cave

Training Field, Sehun POV

“As I said before, from now on we’ll train in pairs,” Kris says.

“I was originally planning to pair you up into roommates, but since 10 of us came clean, I’ve decided on doing it in couples. Xiumin and Luhan will be partnered up.” Suho adds as the oldest hyungs look at each other. We all bow and went our separate ways. Tao and I went pretty far. I got my air ready.

“Did you noticed that Xiumin and Luhan hyungs were looking at each other too often?” Tao asks.

“Yes. I think that they like each other.” I answer as we see Kris hyung fly above us. He looks down and lands in front of us.

“Why aren’t you two training?” Kris asks.

“Sorry, ge. We are thinking about something.” Tao says.

“Like what?”

“It’s two certain oldest hyungs,” I answer. “They have been looking at each other too much lately. We think that they like each other.”

“I have noticed that, too,” Kris says. “ We’ll discuss this later, but for now, you two need to train.”

We nod as he flies back to Suho hyung. 20 minutes past as he flies back.

“Training is over. Lunch is not in another hour or so. D.O is cooking. For now, you two could find out about Xiumin and Luhan. They couldn’t stop blushing every-time they tried to use their elements. I could help if you want.” Kris says.

“Actually, I think that you should have LayChen couple help,” Tao says as he whispers to Kris.

“I like that.” He says as he flies back. We walk back to the house.

“What did you tell him?” I ask as he smirks.

After Lunch, LayChen Room


Chen and I were watching a movie in our room when we hear a knock.

“It’s open.” I lazily say as TaoHun comes in.

“Hey, maknaes. What’s up?” Chen asks.

“We have noticed that Xiumin and Luhan have been a little red lately,” Sehun says.

“Like a sunburn?” I ask.

“No. Like a not-so-subtle crush for each other.” Tao says. “ I have a plan for them to admit it to each other.”

“Try to woo them in front of each other, then boom they admit it?” Chen asks.

“No, that won’t be fair to Lay or us. Or even them for that matter. Here’s what we do...” Tao starts.

Xiumin Luhan Room, Still Lay POV

We knock on their door, keeping in mind of Tao’s plan: for them to dance together, blushing too hard means that they like each other. We look into their room.

5 Minutes Before, Luhan POV

“Minnie, you seemed nervous. What’s wrong, bestie?” I say, cursing myself for calling him that.

“It’s nothing.” He answers.

“If you say it like that, it is something.” 

“I... don’t know how to slow dance.” Dammit, I was hoping that he likes me...wait.

“I could show you.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him close. We are inches apart.

Present, Lay POV

What are they doing? Slow dancing?

“Then, you do this...” Luhan-ge says as he pulls Xiumin-ge closer. I look and Tao curls his pointer.

“New plan, we interrupt them.” He says as Chen knocks on the door. Xiumin and Luhan immediately pull apart, startled.

“How much did you see?” Xiumin asks. 

“Enough to see you two getting close. Do you by any chance like each other?” Sehun asks as they hesitantly nod. I noticed that the other members are behind us, and I nudge Chen that way, so we come in and close the door until it’s just enough for them to see.

“What are you waiting for? Are you gonna be a thing?” I ask as they look at each other. 

“Will you do the honors to answer him?” Xiumin asks.

“Yes, we are,” Luhan says, hugging him. We suddenly hear cheers from the door. Chen sighs as he opens it, showing the other members. 

Dinner, still Lay POV

“I want to personally welcome the latest and the last couple,” Kris says. “I also would like to thank Tao for the plan and TaoHun noticing them a little off.”

“I also would like to add LayChen’s help in this mission,” Sehun says. 

“Arraso. I would like to say that I’m glad that the couples are complete.” Suho says. “I also like to add that even though we are all coupled up, we can’t let that get in the way of defeating the Seminis. Deal?” We all nod as we finish eating.

All the couples have been introduced, but the Semini’s are still in the story. sigh

3 Months Later, EXO Cave

After a couple of months of training, Suho decided that the time to ambush the Semini household has finally come, so he gathered everyone to the conference room for a meeting.

Baekhyun POV

We all come into the conference room to see what the hell this is about.

“I have gathered all of you here because I have been doing some thinking,” Suho says.

“ Hyung, just get on with it.” Chanyeol interrupts. 

“Seriously, Chanyeol?” D.O scolds him. 

“As I was saying, I believe that it’s time.” Suho continues.

“You’re kidding, right jagi?” Kris asks him, and Suho nods. All the rest of us has shocked looks on our faces. 

“Very well. When do we leave for this quest?” I ask.

“Tomorrow morning. Let’s go to the training field in 10 minutes. See you then.” Suho says and with that, he left, and so did we.

10 Minutes After, Chen POV

“This might be our last training session before the mission tomorrow. I didn’t think that we were ready for this, but Suho’s decision might have to do.” Kris says as Suho gives him a death glare.

"Hyung is dead meat later,” I whisper. Thankfully, Baekyun was the only one who heard me.

“Anyway, I am proud of how much we have improved, but I think that one more training could do good, so let’s do groups of 4. Kai, D.O, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun in one. Lay, Chen, Xiumin, Luhan. Me, Kris, Sehun, Tao. Let’s split up.” Suho says as we did so. We trained like there’s no tomorrow because that might be the case.


Still Chen POV

“We all did great. We have improved greatly. Now, it’s time to spend the rest of the day bonding with our partners.” Suho says as we all smile and went to our rooms.

That Night

Author POV

Everyone had dinner together. It was an awkward encounter, to say the least, but they knew that they all needed to eat up for the next day. They all were nervous, especially knowing that this could be the last time seeing each other. This was the case mostly the couples.

ChanBaek Room

Chanyeol POV

We were both tensed up. I was nervous about this fight and so was he. Not being the fight itself, but knowing that this might be the last time with each other. My idea to ease this…

“Let’s watch TV,” I say as Baekhyun nods. We both got up to the living room and a random variety show.

KaiSoo Room


I was feeling anxious, so I went into the kitchen to cook what the hell that came to mind. A little later, Kai teleported in and froze.

“ I was wondering why you left our room. Are you stress cooking?” He asks.

“Yes, now leave me be,” I answer him. instead of leaving, he hesitantly came up to me and stopped my hands.

“I know that you are stressed over tomorrow, but this might not work. Hell, maybe it might help loosen any stress.” 

“ It is working, so why are you bugging me?”

He sighs. “ I am as stressed as you are. Jagi, I don’t know what else could be done besides wait for tomorrow.”

I sigh and look into his dark brown eyes. He kisses my cheek and lets goes of my hands.

“Now, since you are here instead of keeping me company, why don’t I help with finishing this cake. The others might need it to feel better.” 

I nod at him, smiling.

XiuHan Room, Luhan POV

“Lu-ge,” Xiumin says as I hummed. “I’m scared for tomorrow. What if I don’t see you again?”

“It might not be a possibility that one of us could die,” I answer. “We have trained long enough to beat these Seminis. After tomorrow happens might have endless possibilities Ok jagi?” He hesitantly nods. “I have an idea. Since it’s getting late, why don’t we get ready for bed?”

“It’s only 9.”

“True, but we all have long days in the morning. Besides, Suho did not tell us how early tomorrow morning.”

“Probably after he wakes up. He tends to have no set schedule.”

“True.” We both laugh as he got into the bed. We ended up cuddling for a couple of hours. Cuddle time with my jagaiya is one of the times that I love.

Streets of Seoul, TaoHun


After Gege has us split after dinner, Sehun decided that we should go for a date night. For how long? I don’t know either. We got some bbq from a vendor and walked the streets of Seoul, hand-holding included.

“You seem all quiet all of a sudden. Is it about tomorrow?” Sehun asks.

“You guessed right. I think that we all are thinking about this, but what if something goes terribly wrong?” I ask as he sighs.

“Our ancestors rocked these last few centuries, and so could we.”

I bit my lip.

“Please don’t do that. I don’t want that lip to be injured.” With him saying that my face turned red. “Thanks, Hun-ah.”

“No problem. Now, let’s get back to the cave before you catch a cold.” With that, we left to go back.

EXO Cave

Master Bathroom, Kris POV

 “This is nice. Nothing like having a bubble bath with my baby. Are you ok?” Suho ask.

“I don’t know about going out into Mount Evil just yet. What if we’re not ready?” Kris ask. “What if we end up…”

“Separated? Even though all of your worries are what we all are thinking about, I think that we are ready.”

“So this is why you became the leader? You are too wise. I like it.”

“ Why do you think that you became a great co-leader? Not because we started becoming a thing, but your decisions have outsmarted mine.”  

“ I still feel a little…” He suddenly grabs some bubbles with his finger and booped me. “Did you just…?”

“Yep. What are you gonna do about it?” With that statement, I immediately grabbed his small frame with my longer arms.

“Yah…” He giggles.

LayChen Room, Lay POV

I feel extremely tense, and Chen noticed by my face. 

“What’s wrong?” he asks. ‘busted’ I thought.

“I’m a little tense about tomorrow.”

“A little?”

“Ok, a lot. Look, Chen, I am not looking forward to tomorrow. What if I lose you?”

“We all think that. What could I do to make you feel better?” 

After a second of thinking…. “sing to me.” With that, he sings to me. (A/N Chen is singing Moonlight by EXO-M)  I close my eyes and slowly sway to the beat. I opened my eyes and grab Chen’s arm and hold him. We swayed together as he sings. I twirl him around and pull him into my arms. When he finishes, we stayed like that for a while. 

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