Away With Me

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After winning an all expenses paid trip through a company raffle, Hyejoo was ecstatic to travel to her dream destination. Problem was the trip was already planned out for her. According to company policy “it was this or nothing” so she didn’t really have much of a choice. Meeting Chaewon on this trip was something she hadn’t planned for either. 


If there's one thing I'm sure about, it's that I'm soft for HyeWon, and once I got this idea in my head I couldn't not write it! This is my first fic so if you have any suggestions don't be afraid to leave a comment. It would be greatly appreciated. Planing to update it once a week, hopefully I stay on schedule but I make no promises



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Chapter 8: Imagine posting your first fanfic here in AFF and immediately it's one of the best stories in this platform, especially in the HyeWon tag. I think it's my third or fourth repeat, and every time it gives me the same old giddy feeling. I love this story with all my heart, and I thank you archindigos for making this masterpiece!
eunbisandpizza #2
Chapter 8: one of the best hyewon fics, thank you for creating this
CliveBenevolent #3
Chapter 8: This was so sweet and good, I really loved it!
HexDee #4
Chapter 8: i think its safe to say this is one of the best hyewon works on this site. i refuse to believe this is your first fic, it's waaaay too good 😩

great work, author-nim <3
Chapter 8: i cant stop rereading this... great fanfic~
Chapter 8: clap clap clap 👏🏻
Chapter 6: omg this chapter bruhhhhhhh (have been binge reading your stroy)
my heart has diabetes now! its so well written i wanna scream at how cute this is!
Taenggo9 #8
Chapter 8: this is so beautiful 😭😭 i love this so much hhhu
Chapter 8: Ok, this is it. This definitely one of the best stories I've ever read in my whole life. And I've read a lot.

The roller coaster of feelings that this story cause on me, ahhhhhh

I can't describe it with words, I really like, no, love this

You've become one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to see more of your work n.n
Penguin-sweetysoul #10
Chapter 8: This is so cute, I love this story so much! Thanks for such beautiful story author-nim ?