Two Sides

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        Having two kinds of jobs is never a problem unless the second job is a little too life threatening to keep but you gotta do it anyway cause you can't run from it. That is the very case with Jimmy's life. Grew up in a family that hunts vampires and having an extraordinary physique compared to other humans, makes him a definite stand out. However, his family does have a normal day to day job under the sun so it wasn't so hard to adjust and act "normal" in his daily life. However, when the night comes, that normal life turns into a deadly one. At least that was the kind of life he lived until he's gotten the job as the main manager for a very popular girlgroup, Royal Crown. Managing the life as a Vampire hunter along with the life as manager of a popular girl group isn't that far off. As Vampire hunter, he is bound to be very active at night but when the schedules of the Girl Band carries into the night, things are bound to get complicated. Only time will tell how he will survive his two sides of a life.


Please do not be mad at me for making this story. But I came across a video in Youtube about making your Girl Group and gave me this idea to make this story.. This girl group to me consists of my very personal favorites so please don't be angry with me.. The current idol groups are still the same except for the ones in which i took one member from to make this new fantasy girl group.. I hope you guys will enjoy this.


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