I fall, you and I collide

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Kang Seulgi is not a delinquent. Strange things just seem to happen when she's around. She's been managing to lay low and not attract attention at her latest school, but that's about to change.

Percy Jackson! AU with Red Velvet. Eventual Seulrene, sort-of enemies to lovers. Co-starring a bunch of other idols as well.


Becuase I clearly don't know when to stop thinking of story plots, I made this. I was inspired by the many other Percy Jackson AU stories on this site, with Red Velvet as the main characters. I'm planning on Seulrene as an end pairing, but as of this first chapter they kind of hate each other, so it'll be a while. SWRD is still being written so please don't think I've abandoned it or anything. The plot bunnies ran free again and I'm just trying to wrangle them up again. 

As always, will co-star a bunch of other idols. Comments give me life, so let me know what you think about this. Enjoy. Drache out. 


First chapter of the Interlude arc is up. It's a different style and will be Sooyoung-centric (what can I say, her and Seungwan's solo album releases got me writing again). But there will be shenanigans, swearing and Seulrene so not much has changed on that front. Enjoy.

It's my birthday this week and I finally felt inspired enough to write a bit. Being featured is the best present an author could ask for. Enjoy, I still don't have a concrete update schedule :D


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Chapter 20: The best of the best, thanks author-nim
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Chapter 20: Loved your version of a PJ AU. Hope you'll continue!
Yeo_hong_hwa #3
Chapter 18: I'm still hoping that u continue this fic or maybe create a sequel to this. The dream Seulgi had at the beginning where Joohyun and her were badly injured still has me intrigued. I wonder what happened to lead to that moment
no_no_hae94 #4
Chapter 14: Love your titles btw
no_no_hae94 #5
Chapter 14: Judging by the title, i think this is going to be my fave chapter hahahahaha (so far at least)
Chapter 8: This story was recommended to me by a friend, and I am liking your spin to the PJO universe quite a lot. That's saying something as I am a very picky reader, hehe.
wait a minute.... a percy jackson au??? i have to read this straight away
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Chapter 1: Thank you for writing this author!
akrr1997 #10
Chapter 20: Happy birthday author! Thank you for updating this incredible story :)