Over the Sky


Kim Yoohyeon dreams of one day becoming a Champion and leaving her mark on the Pokémon world. She's been accepted into the prestigious Kalos Academy for the upcoming fall semester but before the school year starts she'd like to do something important with her summer. Luckily for her, the Pokémon Masters League on Pasio may be exactly what she's looking for. 

So together with her Sync Partner she sets out to find the strongest Trainers on Pasio and make a team that can go all the way to the Finals. At least that's the plan...


And he's back with a SWRD mini-arc, this time featuring Dreamcatcher! (What, you think this was brought on by the author's sudden and all-consuming love for this group? It was.) Think of this as like a transition to a potential true sequel to Seulrene's adventures in SWRD. I've also been dying to write a fic based off the mobile game, especially since the premise is that each Trainer is only allowed one Pokémon as a partner. Which makes my job a whole lot easier in that sense...

Anyway, expect battles, Suayeon being loud and overly affectionate, Yoohyeon being a panicked mess in front of her crush as well as more than a few familiar cameos. Pasio is full of strong Trainers from across the eight regions, but there's something sinister brewing just underneath the surface. Something that threatens the entire island and more importantly Yoohyeon's summer plans. 

Of course like SWRD we've got an anime theme song, which also happens to be the title of this story: Over the Sky

Episode One soon...ish.
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