You and I Tonight

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Nyx has been defeated. For now. Camp Half-Blood is experiencing a time of peace but how long is that going to last? The second shard has been discovered, and it's up to Park Chaeyoung and her girls to find it before Nyx's forces can. Eventual Chaelisa and as always there will be way too many cameos from other groups.


Blackpink in your area!

Welcome to the second arc in the I Fall universe. People have spoken and the girl group taking the spotlight for this second story is Blackpink! Currently this is a workspace for the story, while I gather notes from the first arc, assign godly parents and somehow make a plot. But please look forward to this, I don't have a concrete date for the first chapter right now since I Fall just finished yesterday. But I'll put this up if you want to bookmark it and keep an eye out, I've already started writing. 

You don't need to have read I Fall beforehand, or at least I'll try my best to make it so you don't have to read it if you don't want to. As always, your subs and comments make my day, I love all of you. Until the premiere, Drache out.

And yes, it will be Chaelisa

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Chapter 4 in quest loading...monsters being pulled out of a hat...
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