this new color is together


The Hogwarts/Red Velvet AU nobody wanted. Seulrene (talk about slow burn tho), with Red Velvet and way too many cameos to count. Magic, friendship and a looming threat will follow these first years as they embark on a wild adventure. 


The Hogwarts/Red Velvet AU nobody wanted because why the am I writing this while I still have an ongoing Percy Jackson AU project and a supernatural AU project? Oops.

Look, I'm dropping this only because I wanted to write something new, Queendom dropped, I love the song and it gave me Hogwarts vibes. Sue me. Like all my other works please don't expect a consistent update schedule, I'm literally in Seoul right now doing a study abroad. I'd like to graduate, thanks and these lovely ladies are already taking up all my time and money. 

Thanks. Please enjoy and remind me that I do have other things that I should be doing. 

Sorry not sorry.
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