Game, Set and Match


The girl group Volleyball!AU that no one wanted. Featuring Red Velvet and (soon) Twice, Blackpink and Mamamoo. And maybe Dreamcatcher/(G)-Idle andother groups? Based off the wonderful work of @lizuh98 on Twitter. 


Workspace for some volleyball!AU drabbles, based off the incredible art of @lizuh98 on Twitter. Seriously, I'm pretty sure ya'll have seen her art but if you haven't go check it out it's legit amazing. Damn you for getting me excited about volleyball AU's again, I thought I was over it.

Current plans/teams that will be featured:

SMU (the Red Velvet girls)

JYPU (the Twice girls)

YGU (the Blackpink girls)

RBWU (the Mamamoo girls)

Pairings won't be specified since this won't be a coherent storyline and will instead bounce around to different teams/mini storylines. Also no concrete update schedule as of now since these are tiny fun drabbles. All I'll say is gay.

P.S. I DID play volleyball in high school (shortie squad for life!) but that was way too long ago, I've forgotten everything/have no knowledge of the game anymore so excuse any mistakes regarding gameplay/rules and regulations. 

Who's next in the volleyball AU world? I have no idea, please tell me, I love them all too much to pick.
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