In Which Kang Seulgi Gets A Bad Feeling

I fall, you and I collide
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After the cheering died down and most of the campers filtered out of the woods and back to their cabins, Seulgi was left standing with Seungwan, Yeri and Sooyoung. None of them had gotten seriously injured, but Sooyoung had a nasty looking bruise on her arm that made it difficult for her to hold her spear, so they decided to walk over to the infirmary to get her treated by the medics.

Seungwan left their group to assist the Apollo kids with their after-games shift, dragging Sooyoung behind her by her good arm so she wouldn’t run away. Seulgi felt kind of bad that Sooyoung had gotten injured during the game but the taller girl waved away her apologies.

“All’s fair in love and war. Or something like that. Besides, I haven’t gotten to rage out in a while. Very cathartic.”

As a newly claimed daughter of Apollo, Seulgi thought it would be good idea to offer her services at the infirmary to help deal with the line of campers filing. She avoided any of the serious injuries like the plague (she really didn’t want to see that much blood) but she was able to work with one of her new siblings to patch up the minor scrapes and bruises people came in with.

Her partner Somi was a fun girl to be around. The younger girl was around Yeri’s age and seemed to love being around Seulgi, constantly peppering her with questions about her life and praising her for her exploits during the game. Seulgi returned the compliments, saying Somi would have gotten the flag across first for the win if Joohyun hadn’t thrown that spear at her. They settled into a comfortable routine together, Somi showing Seulgi how to properly wrap bandages and keep track of the infirmary’s stores of nectar and ambrosia.

The head of the Hermes cabin stopped by while they were organizing medical supplies and said that most of Seulgi’s things would be moved to the Apollo cabin by tomorrow morning. “We probably could get it done tonight but I figured we’re all wiped out. Do you mind bunking with us for another night?”

Seulgi shook her head emphatically, assuring Minho that she didn’t mind staying one more night. Besides, she wanted to be able to spend one more night sleeping with Seungwan and Yeri. 

After games shifts at the infirmary usually lasted about four hours, so by the time things began winding down it was half past two in the morning. Solar dismissed everyone except the skeleton staff at three, thanking them for their help.

Seulgi passed by Nayeon’s cot on her way out and noticed that Jeongyeon was posted faithfully by her girlfriend’s side. The daughter of Dionysus saw her and beckoned her over. “You headed out for the night?”

“Yeah. I have to admit there’s something very fulfilling about helping campers but I don’t think I’ll ever settle into being a full time healer like some of the Apollo kids.” Seulgi turned to Nayeon. “How are you feeling?”

“Little pissed that Joohyun used me as a distraction, but we won so I can’t be too mad about it,” Nayeon replied. The daughter of Ares had taken quite the beating and was told to stay in the infirmary overnight for observation but she looked to be in high spirits.

“Did I mention that I was sorry?” Jeongyeon whined, entwining her fingers with Nayeon’s and giving her a cute pout. “Joohyun told me not to tell you about the plan.”

Nayeon’s smile was predatory. “Just you wait until I get cleared to leave, missy. You and I are gonna have a talk.”

Jeongyeon gulped and Seulgi had to stifle a laugh. Jeongyeon had told her and Joohyun that she knew the risks and was more than willing to take one for the team but judging from the slightly worried look on the daughter of Dionysus’s face she probably regretted it. Besides, take charge Nayeon is hot, Seulgi remembered her saying.

“I’ll leave you to it then, Nayeon,” Seulgi said. “But try not to permanently damage Jeongyeon, I like seeing her around. Feel better soon!”

“I make no promises. Great game tonight, Seulgi. I look forward to seeing you in combat classes.”

Seulgi left, making sure Jeongyeon had a blanket since she refused to leave Nayeon’s side until the Ares girl was released. The exhaustion was finally starting to settle in and she dragged her aching body back to the Hermes cabin.

To her utter surprise the usually active and noisy cabin was as silent as the grave, something she wouldn’t have thought possible. Still, the lack of noise was comforting, and she quietly tiptoed past her sleeping cabinmates to collapse on her bed. Beside her, Seungwan mumbled something under her breath about dancing bears, turning over in bed to cuddle her stuffed Bambi plushie.

To think, Seulgi had only been at Camp Half-Blood for a few days and in that short period of time she’d survived her first war game and gotten claimed by her father. This is utterly exhausting, she thought. And to think, some campers were like Joohyun and had been there since they were little kids. She hoped her body would eventually get used to the active schedules everyone seemed to lead.

She’d have to prepare for whatever was coming next. Only the gods knew what the next day would have in store for her.


Everyone was bleary-eyed at breakfast the next morning and the entire dining pavilion had a strong aroma of coffee as the eighty or so demigods at camp drank their weight in caffeinated beverages. War games were a lot of fun but the morning after had everyone looking and feeling like death. Luckily, everyone’s schedules had been cut short to compensate and when Seulgi saw that she only had two blocks for classes she was relieved. She’d gotten a good night’s sleep and had even gotten up a little earlier than usual to start packing up her things but she definitely wasn’t in the mood for a full day of training.

Peering at her new schedule she realized all she had was a riding lesson in the morning and a sparring class after lunch. Even her usual afternoon Greek lesson with Joohyun had been cancelled, to her slight displeasure. Seulgi didn’t know where these feelings for Joohyun were coming from, especially considering the older girl still seemed to actively avoid her whenever possible. And when they did meet, Joohyun was cold and distant.

Seungwan slid into the seat next to her and took a look at her own schedule, hands cupped around a giant mug that was full to the brim with coffee. Seulgi greeted her and took a bite of her eggs, “I am so glad we have short schedules today.”

Seungwan groaned and took another long sip of her coffee, “Yeah, good thing Director Kim has the brains to adjust everyone’s schedules after war games.” She leaned over to look at Seulgi’s schedule. “And you have a riding lesson today? Lucky. You’ll like it, most people end up enjoying working with the Pegasi but the stables have a few unconventional mounts too that are fun.”

“You have riding too?” Yeri bounced in looking completely well-rested and wide-awake. Seulgi couldn’t believe her eyes. How could Yeri not be keeled over and half-dead from exhaustion right now. Was this some kind of hidden Hermes trait? “We can go together then Seulgi-unnie!”

Seungwan glared daggers at Yeri, still nursing her coffee. “How are you so awake right now? Literally, what the hell?”

“Jeongyeon-unnie gave me some of her cabin’s “hangover” medicine at the infirmary last night and told me to take some before I went to bed,” Yeri shrugged, “I guess it works pretty well because I feel fine.”

“Ah, damn I forgot to ask her about that,” Seungwan swore, turning to Seulgi to explain. “Since Dionysus is also like the patron god of parties and alcohol they have pretty strong tolerances but even his kids have their limits. Jeongyeon and a few of her siblings created a drink that virtually guarantees you won’t feel any after-effects of partying.” She looked over at Yeri who was busy filling her plate with toast and bacon. “Apparently it works well on exhaustion too.”

Tzuyu was the last of their little crew to join them that morning since Jeongyeon was still at the infirmary with Nayeon. She settled down in an empty seat and starting picking at her breakfast, completely absorbed in the book she’d brought. Occasionally she’d reach blindly for her coffee.

“Morning Tzuyu,” Seulgi greeted.

Tzuyu yawned, “Morning. How does it feel to be the freshly claimed child of Apollo?”

“Honestly I don’t feel any different. I’m sad that I won’t get to bunk with Seungwan and Yeri anymore though.” When Seulgi heard that she would be switching cabins she was a little put out that she wouldn’t be cabinmates with her closest friends. It almost made her feel like she was moving schools again, forced to leave behind whatever people she had become close with. “I’ll miss them.”

“We’ll miss you too,” Yeri said from across the table.

Somi chose that moment to pass by with her empty plate, and she was scowling at her schedule. “Tzuyu what chores did you get assigned for this afternoon?”

Tzuyu looked down at her schedule. “Weapon maintenance, why?”

“Wanna trade for my library duty? I can’t stand being cooped up in there all afternoon.”

“Totally.” Tzuyu reached o

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