Two Hearts In One Home

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Inspired by the song 'Back To December' by Taylor Swift.


This is a story for someone who is in love.

Who wants to be in love.

Who is afraid to love.

Who wants to be loved.

And who is hurt because of love.


Which means, it's for everyone.




I think almost every reader who reads my stories knows I mostly write based on songs :) I guess that's my style.

And I've always wanted to write this kind of story ever since reading the famous seulrene divorce fic, 'The Story Of Us' by the author seulgishyun.

This story will consist of five chapters(including the epilogue).

Hope you enjoy!



(Title is from the lyrics of the song 'Sweet Creature' by Harry Styles.)


Thank you MoonlitPrincess for your wonderful feedback which was exactly what I needed.
And LuvieForRV who gave me her honest&sweet opinion about the story,
and rabanoseul who helped me smooth the words beautifully,


Thank you everyone :)


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Chapter 7: why oh why did i just read this masterpiece just NOW?!?!? i literally have no words for this. its so freaking great.
Jensoo4everlove #2
Chapter 7: This is a type of angst that is written beautifully... You could actually feel how both of them are hurting and really I really loved reading this so much!!! Thankyou Author!!!
Chapter 7: Reading angst stories always lowers my energy. I read angst when I'm in a stable mood because I don't want to affect my mood for the day.
The story is kinda similar to mine but the difference is I was never official with that person, just as one sided love, and yes, that person is married, I'm still here with the same feelings.
Glad with happy ending.
Yoonchoding07 #4
Chapter 7: I remember starting to read the first chapter but was not able to finish it cause my heart was not ready for the angst it contains. after a couple of years, now being able to read through, even after what Seulgi and Joohyun have been through, I'm glad that they both found and came back to each other. I'm refraining to use 'ended with each other' as their story or next chapter of life was just about to begin with Seulgi asking her if she'd want to go to New Zealand with her.

thank you authornim for writing this and showing us how beautiful love is even with all it's imperfections.
i've subscribed to this fic a long time ago and i haven't read it yet. i really need a fic that can make me feel something, hurt, love or anything since i need an inspiration to write my own story. i'm ready to read it now
lacielbleue #6
It is beautifully written. 🥺
Kylie_123 #7
Rereading because i want to feel ouch ouch but hart hart in the end 💔😢❤️
reveluv316 845 streak #8
Chapter 7: i honestly teared up
patotie 12 streak #9
Chapter 7: It’s been a while since I felt very emotional over a fic. I was bawling my eyes out while reading this last night. I love how you didn’t portray each character as perfect, it’s kinda refreshing for me. As always, you are a great writer! Thank you for this! I hope you will comeback soon.
currentlylost #10
Chapter 7: I honestly love this story, ive never been in love but i felt it while reading this.