You Are The Sky

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The sequel of 'At The Footbridge'


At The Footbridge :


Maybe you're the chance God has given me.

I wanted to write a heart-gripping fic so I did my best :D Hope you all enjoy it!


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Jensoo4everlove #1
Chapter 1: This is so beautiful ❤😭
Chapter 1: It's endearing how the story's first sentence is Seulgi's thoughts about the sky and the last sentence of the sequel is saying they're the sky
seulbunny_ #3
Chapter 1: its been a while since ive read a well written, heart warming, hurt and comforting fic 😭😭😭
brdfillet #4
Chapter 1: since i couldn't get the right words in, i'll say this was utterly...interesting. i know there was an impact, and i just couldn't describe it. heart-gripping, indeed, and captivated, i truly am. thank you for the sequel, you've made my day, author-nim.
suaviter27 #5
thank you for writing this!
Osekop12 #6
And i heard great things about this so I'm very excited
Chapter 1: these happy teeeaaaarrsss :'))) you're really the best hnngg
Chapter 1: I loved this so so so much
Thank you for sharing this with us.
I'm not religious whatsoever but the part of them in the church made me cry so much because it was so pure and so true. Even if you're not religious at all, the act of praying with and for someone just because you love them seems beautiful to me.
Your writing is so good. Thank you for sharing it <3
Have a lovely day
Kimchi43 #9
Chapter 1: Fuuuuuuuuu i love this so much god bless
Chapter 1: Seulrene stories most of the time are pure or innocent or light, this was something very new, and I like it.