Outside Forces


Essentially Weki Meki in a college au with some Omegaverse stuff mixed in. Please read the foreword!


Okay, so before I start, I want to say a few things about this story.

Truthfully, I think the whole Omegaverse thing is kind of cringey, though I do like some aspects of it lol. So I decided to write this story, but restructure the “Omegaverse” in a way that I like more. That means none of the weird stuff or gangs lol.

My version is simple. People are still divided into Alpha, Beta, and Omega based on their personalities and characteristics (essentially whether they’re stronger, smarter, more creative, etc.). This is determined when they turn 18 and begin college. The only real difference that their title makes is how they are divided in school and work. It sort of serves as an attempt to keep people out of trouble.

I will probably keep more of the Omegaverse ideas as I continue writing this, but I promise, it won’t get super weird like some other stories of this kind lol. Essentially this is just going to be a college au with some bits of Omegaverse theory thrown in.

Anyway, below is kind of a quick summary of the characters. I will probably add more people in as I further develop this.

Lastly, a side note. Idk if I’m sold on the title or cover art, so that may change in the future. It’s sort of just a placeholder until I’m sure I like it or think of something new.

I hope you enjoy :)



Suyeon: Alpha. Born of two Betas, so very intelligent. Takes part in school leadership programs, but is not an officer. Mentor to Lucy. Currently single. Lives with Elly and possibly Lucy in the Alpha dorms.

Elly: Alpha. Anger issues. Hates the division rule. Thinks she’s the head Alpha though she’s rather small. Gym enthusiast. Skips class a lot. Dating Rina. Lives with Suyeon and possibly Lucy in the Alpha dorms.

Yoojung: Beta officer. Currently single. Founder of the A.B.O. relations club. Hates the division rule. Stoner, but very intelligent. Never misses class, but often shows up thirty minutes late. Extremely close with Lua. Lives alone in a Beta officer suite.

Doyeon: Beta. A fair mix of Alpha and Omega. Could have been an Alpha because she is strong, but was deemed too feminine. Currently single. Best friends with Sei. Incredibly social. Lives with a roommate in the Beta dorms.

Sei: Omega. Small, soft, and quiet. Intimidated by most Alphas and Betas. Best friends with Doyeon. Currently single. Lives with Rina in the Omega dorms.

Lua: Beta. Wishes she was an Alpha. Born of a rich family. Sorted late. Currently single. Best friends with Yoojung. Was not a stoner until she met Yoojung. Smart, but unmotivated. Lives with a roommate in the Beta dorm.

Rina: Omega. Also small, soft, and quiet. Friends with mostly Betas. Intimidated by most Alphas. Very intelligent, but prefers arts to classic studies. Dating Elly. Lives with Sei in the Omega dorms.

Lucy: Presently unsorted. Will most likely be deemed an Alpha at her coming of age ceremony. Loud and playful. Very close with Suyeon. Currently single. Still lives at home with her parents.


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Chapter 5: I'm enjoying your story a lot. Hope you continue it soon!
YoodaengStan #2
Chapter 5: omg ~ i love this story and the pace of it! i also like your writing a lot ~ thank u, author keep it up
Chapter 5: I enjoyed this chapter - now I want to reread the whole story! Thanks for the uodate! ^_^
Chapter 4: i was cackling when Lucy was trying to impress Sei on the first part aksjsjd

glad that i found this story while lurking around aff, i hope i'd be notified when this updates. i am actually enjoying the story.
Chapter 4: One question: When Suyeon says "You just made the biggest mistake of your life," what she talking to Elly or Rina? Because I can read it either way and it makes a big difference which one it is.

Otherwise, WOW! Another great update! I love the shy/uncertain way you're writing Sei - I want to see her and Lucy get together, but I want Lucy to have to work for it!

I'm curious to see where you take the Lua-Yoojung storyline. And I can't wait to see Suyeon get a relationship! Keep up the great work!
Chapter 3: Yay! I'm so glad to get an update of this! I can't wait to see where you take it from here!
YoodaengStan #7
Chapter 2: this is getting more and more interesting ~ best friends?can be but lua sounded pretty whipped for yoojung (who isn't, tbh) lol