A collection of Soju one-shots.


I decided to make this a collection of random short Soju one-shots, rather than just one chapter. I'll be updating this whenever I have time. Thanks for reading!

Hi guys! I just wanted to say: If you have any requests for my Soju one-shots, feel free to leave them in the comments. I'd love to write some chapters based on what you'd like to see. I can't promise that I'll be able to get to every one, but I will definitely try my best :)


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Chapter 3: Update please authornim.thanks
Chapter 3: I just found this story. Ahhhck this is so good. SoJu is my low-key ship. Haha. Hope you can write more. Anyways, thank you very muchie!!
Chapter 3: o
Chapter 3: Please make more about soju author-nim,, so hard to find story bout them
Chapter 2: I hope you will write more story about soju author-nim
Sojung_the_Goddess #6
Chapter 2: Update pls. Make yuju being so jealous ???
Goldenlady123 #7
Chapter 2: I really like these stories they're cute and what I imagine love to be when you enter a romantic relationship, nice work
temereani #8
Chapter 2: Omg yes! There's been an update and it is just as sweet as the last one, thank you and if there is anymore to come I along with everyone else would be thrilled. Also I like how you wrote the scene of yuju kissing down sowons face towards her lips, cos I tried to write a scene similar to that ages ago but it didn't come out as well in the final draft as it felt in my head. Like idk how to describe it but the scene I'm picturing in my head for the story only makes sense in my head and not on paper and it's frustrating as hell when you try to ask people for advice on how to describe a scene but don't know how to properly ask for it without confusion on both ends. So how do you manage it?
Chapter 1: Yupp soju is rare. Thank you author for writing soju. Keep writing. This story so sweet, myb we can get another chapter author?