Behind The Yellow Line 2

Duality: Mamamoo & What Is To Come
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she is not in her right mind, right now, exactly this moment.

that is what she can get from the hand that tugged her arm tightly, the heavy breathing; she is not sure if that belongs to her or the woman that grab her arm right now.

"are you alright?"

hyejin look at her quizzically.

"not a good question... the door is about to be closed but i didn't see you moving so..."

oh. right.

she is about to be "crushed" in half by the train's door.

"thank you."

"don't mention it." the other woman's features went softer. "i'm sure you just dozed off."

did she?

just seconds ago the thought of getting under the rails seems to be enticing-

hyejin's mind went astray but what she get when she looked upward shook her.

the other girl's polite smile is still intact but the glint in her eyes tell something else. and her grip went a little tighter as she whispered.

i hope you can make it safely to your destination, miss.

"this stop is Gunja station where you can drop to line number five."

the familiar jingle of the train coming out to her ear, along with the usual announcement. as the woman readied herself for the door that is about to be opened hyejin's eyes widened at the chance that she may never meet her again.

"i... thank you..."

that's twice now. she feel like such a dummy already.

at that the woman flashed her smile; the one that caused her nose

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