Insomnia (part 1)

Duality: Mamamoo & What Is To Come
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a little teeny weeny bit obssessed with Sungsa from ILA. and kinda frustrated not much of them circulated around here so... here goes nothing I guess. Again, pardon the poor grammar.


The light has been again, for god knows how many times. Hyejin squinted her eyes and rolling all over the bed tirelessly. She lay on her back, draping her blanket just right around her stomach and try to gain that stillness... to finally give up after 2000 lambs has finally jump over that bloody fence. She rouse herself up, go to the living room and lay on the sofa in a fetal position, pouting. 

This has been gone for too long. 


She find herself dozing again from the seat. This is bad, she will miss her stop if she cannot keep her eyes open for the next 15 minutes. Must... stay... awake...

"Hey! Wake up you!"

She almost stand up, touching around her chin. Good, no drool.

That disoriented feeling finally gone when she look around. Grandmas and aunties whispering and laughing soundlessly, pointing not to her, but the one who sit right next to her. A man, crossing his arms around his chest, dozing his head upward in perhaps the kind of position that will cause a terrible case of sore neck, his mouth gaping impossibly wide, Hyejin thought he was screaming.

"Oh my this lad. We were in the same bus often and he's still going to miss his stop! Oy!" One auntie pinch his lips and he jolted vi

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Ideas keep coming in this condition which might be one of the ways we are coping in this situation. Let me know what you think, I guess? #stayathome
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