Sesquipedalian (Part 1)

Duality: Mamamoo & What Is To Come
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Hwabyul, shapeshifter AU. Going to be a bit confusing as a storyline...Again, pardon the grammar.


A world without strangers.

It was what’s written as the slogan of a clothing brand at the window. Sounds like a nice world to live in. And confusing, too. A world with only her parents and loved ones? One thing that Hyejin knows for sure; the longer you stay with someone, the stranger they will become to you.

She was just too small at that time to find out that it was a movement of people holding hands, all around the world, to create this sense of “belonging” to the world, to hold on through life as one. She will never reject a notion of being united and erase that border. She can only hope her hands wouldn’t be too damp when the time comes.

“You were never home! And now you blame me for not being good enough?”

“No one ever says that. I told you not to do this in front of our baby…”

“I will never be enough for you… even for us!”

“Now, if you’ll just take your meds daily and listen to the shrink…”

A loud crashing sound spread around the house. Behind the slightly closed door her little ears can identify it as the sound of glass vase being thrown to the wall. It was followed by another scream that become muffled as Hyejin lift her hands to cover her ears. Her eyes, which going teary, scanning around her room. It was almost bleak if not for a whole lot of drawing of hands joining together, making a long lines of joined hands across the ceiling, including the scrawly handwriting of the slogan pasted in the middle of the wall, complete with decoration beads and hardened residue of the glue.

Her hands, albeit shaking, still find a will to lower itself. She looked at her hands for a moment before slowly joining them together, as if performing a solo handshake.

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