Duality: Mamamoo & What Is To Come
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I love you.

The sacred sentence uttered at the end of the movie Hyejin always watched when she was a child.

It somehow emphasized that love is an eternal emotion that will be always there until the end of time. No one told her that no love stays the same all the time; that it is such an emotional, transient, fleeting thing that may or may not stand the test of time.

Maybe people wouldn't want to be reminded of it. Maybe love was best immortalized in movies or books. Watching love fell out or fail to work its magic isn't something that a lot of people amused themselves with.

When you love someone, you'll want the best for them. 

No one told her that it may not be all the time.

Sometimes you just want them to stay the same, all the time, all the way, a promise of everlasting state.

Little did Hyejin know any of this until her first meeting with Moon Byulyi.


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