Insomnia (part 2)

Duality: Mamamoo & What Is To Come
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A large swimming pool. A pair of heels going clickity-clacking against the tiles.

Hyejin stops at the edge of the pool when she saw splashes of a perfectly executed butterfly in one straight line suddenly stops in front of her, creating an abrupt splash that cause Hyejin to groan. She take her black glasses off as the man's smiling gleefully at her from the water. "Ah! I thought you wouldn't come!"

His smile is radiant. Just too radiant.

Pull yourself together! She hissed quietly. I must have gone crazy- 

"Did you bring your sportswear?"

The abrupt question caught her off guard. "... Yes...?"

"Go to the changing room. I'll be with you in 15 minutes."


"Isn't this a good day to run as far as you can and screaming your heart off!?"

Hyejin really thinks she's about to die. They have been spending two hours running laps in this park.

"Just... wait... I don't feel so good..."

She is wheezing and decide to reduce her running to light jogging. This man, Bang Sunghoon... his energy is endless. He just accepted her request out of the blue, rejecting any reward, for the sake of "I am using my ration of leave days anyway. Still a week left and nothing to do." and they have been going through this series of crazy attempts on how to sleep easier for 3 days.

"Just how many laps are left, anyway?"

"13 laps. You are doing great!"


Hyejin can feel herself tuning off. She start swaying before a hand caught her on time. Sunghoon supports her upper body, helping her to sit on the nearest bench and looking at her worriedly.

"Are you alright? Perhaps it was too intense."

"I think I'm f-"

She cut herself shortly when she feel a napkin rubbed on her forehead. Sunghoon wipes her forehead gently, getting rid of any sweat. She was speechless, before glaring at their joined hands. This guy didn't let go of her hand the entire time.

This guy. I swear.


"Do not look around."

They are in a bus. It is kind of crowded. Sunghoon try not to look around, but unable to contain his curiosity, stealing a peek to his left. There's a rowdy bunch of salaryman, and they look like Hyejin's age.

"I've been taking the different bus and different stops. Just my luck-"

"Hey! Look who's here!"

One of the salarymen pointing at Hyejin excitedly.

"Good evening to you as well, Sieon-shi." reply Hyejin politely, gritting her teeth.

"Our Panda Princess! Look at those eyebags! See guys?" This guy called Sieon laughing loudly and glancing to his colleagues, grinning.

"We know that you have been avoiding us on purpose! Why? I thought we are friends." All his friends are laughing with him.

Sunghoon is frowning. The girl next to him clearly looks uncomfortable, but the man keep rambling. "Why you couldn't sleep anyway? You have it good! Promotions and all." Suddenly Sieon squinted his eyes and whispering ever so lowly. "Unless, of course, finally that guilt is tripping you for being such a ..."

Hyejin feels a quick swish next to her head and suddenly her coworker is being grabbed in the collar by a large hand, so large and strong it push his whole body to the corner of the bus with a bang. She cannot even just process what just happened. It takes a while for her to recognize that grey, longsleeve sweatshirt on that arm gripping tightly on Sieon's collar, whose breathing becoming erratic.

"Sorry. Could you step aside, please? This is our stop."

Sunghoon take Hyejin by her elbow, guiding her to step out of the bus without sparing a glance at the sleazy coworker. 


Hyejin find themselves sitting at a burger joint. 

She steal a glance at the guy in front of her who's munching all the food with such fervour. After they came out of that suffocating bus, Sunghoon nonchalantly ask her where should they go, and here they are now. Hyejin's mouth is twitching with worry as she put a cup of soda in front of Sunghoon.

"Take it easy." She reminds him. "Chew on that burger. No one ask you to inhale it."

Nevertheless the guy is still inhaling the double cheeseburger and the carbonara served on that table. 

"Are you that hungry?"

"After what just happened, who wouldn't?" He answers while ripping the nuggets. 

After a moment, Hyejin shrugged. "It's nothing much, to be honest.

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