Tales of princess Jeon.

The wind created low sounds as it made its way between the wooden walls of the small and almost forgotten house, Hyunjin could clearly hear the birds singing on their surroundings like welcoming her into the unknown place as Heejin refused to let her away from her embrace. Breathing was becoming harder as the guard rested her forehead on the ruler’s shoulder who tried her best to help her walk the very few steps that kept her away from a mattress. 

-I know it hurts a lot love but you have to be strong just for a few more hours, okay? - Heejin whispered softly as she kneeled to take the dirty boots from the guard’s feet as soon as she took a seat on the edge of the bed- I can only heal you when the moon is fully out. 

Hyunjin whined loudly when the sensation of a hundred needles pinching her ankle at once ran through her leg as Heejin tired her best to be as soft as possible with her movements, at that point everything seemed to hurt the guard and it only created more pain inside the princess knowing that she was the reason behind the prince’s actions. Through the years her and even Sooyoung tried to connive themselves that just maybe humans weren’t the monsters the others like them had warned their people but on moments like those it was hard for Heejin to think otherwise, she’s never seen a race so capable of hurting their equals as Humans did. 

-Don’t be sad princess- Hyunjin whispered softly feeling dry on the process, Heejin looked at her with her eyes filled with tears as she took a seat on the floor next to the bed- You couldn’t have known this was going to happen, you saved me this morning- Slowly the guard’s hand landed softly on the princess’s head to her hair with slow moves. 

-I shouldn’t have let anybody hurt you to being with- Heejin said closing her eyes tightly feeling the anger mix with the sadness inside her, when her gaze met the guard’s she spotted a quick hesitation on her. 

Hyunjin almost moved her hand away from the princess’s hair when the once again silver eyes stared back at her; they made Heejin look older as the cold gaze looked right through her yet when a smile reached the guard’s lips the princess felt the pure curiosity boil inside her. Any other human reacted that way to her natural form before but of course Heejin was sure there was nobody like her Hyunjin out there. 

-I’m not scared of you- Hyunjin assured slowly as she allowed her fingers to caress the princess’s soft cheeks. - I know you’d never hurt me like that. 

The guard had no reasons to think otherwise after all Heejin always made sure she was safe even when on their scenario it should have being the other way around, looking at it from their position on that moment it almost made Hyunjin laugh at the fact that they really considered Heejin needed a guard for her protection when she has shown she was more than capable of protection herself, even better than what Hyunjin could have done if needed. Biting her tongue not to groan in pain Hyunjin pulled the monarchist to make her stand from the floor. 

-Come closer- Hyunjin almost whispered unsure of her own words as she saw the princess shyly smile at her for a second. - Only if you wish to, I’m still covered in dirt. 

-We’ll fix that later- Heejin said before taking a seat on the empty space next to the guard on her bed, her hand was immediately held by Hyunjin’s- Thank you for trusting me Hyunjin and for staying next to me even after seeing what I really am. 

Heejin felt like her head was spinning around the room when she felt the soft touch of fingertips held her chin before the overwhelming feeling of lips crashing on her owns reached her, the princess knew it was how kisses should feel like immediately as she enjoyed the warming sensation growing on her chest. Hyunjin almost felt her eyes filling with tears of joy when she felt the princess’s body melt on her embrace as she placed her arms around the thin waist, holding her as close as possible as she forgot her physical pain.  
Nails ran through the dark locks of hair as the princess leaned forward chasing the soft lips that moved away from her for a short second, it didn’t really matter if she was the most powerful person on the earth or even on the moon, between Hyunjin’s arms Heejin felt nothing but safe. It was like she became smaller every time the guard hugged her tightly against her body making sure Heejin was aware that on that moment nothing or nobody else really mattered for her. 

-I love you so much- Hyunjin whispered with her eyes closed tightly feeling her hands shake nervously- I cried almost daily knowing how much you suffered, I don’t understand how they could hurt you like that Heejin I wish I would have known how to get you out of there before this mess. 

Heejin’s thumbs slowly dried the tears falling from the woman’s eyes as she still refused to open them almost scared to meet the deep stare she knew was focused on her. Hyunjin was painfully aware that after that morning Heejin probably didn’t have nothing but her and Sooyoung, no more palace to live in, no more royal treatment and no more kingdom to look after for, just her and for Hyunjin it didn’t seem a risk worth of taking. Heejin held her closer careful not to put too much pressure on her wounded ribs. 

-You don’t have to apologize for anything my love- The princess’s deep voice calmed as she caressed Hyunjin’s back- You saved me, even when you don’t think like it. 

Maybe Hyunjin couldn’t free her from the palace physically before but from the moment she decided to let the princess in Heejin was more free than what she ever was on her adult life. Then when she was sure her human life would come to and end sooner than later Heejin was glad that even if it was just once she dared to follow her own heart instead of what everybody ordered her to feel or do, curled against the guard's warm body feeling how slow her breathing was becoming as the exhaustion took the best of her the princess couldn't stop the bitter tears that filled her eyes, tears of both fear and anger knowing that her time was about to come to an end when she felt like it was the first time she was actually living. 


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