09. The End.

Tales of princess Jeon.

Every deep breath of air Hyunjin tried to take burned her chest as she kept herself still against the ground, her tears falling to the dirt like thick rain drops making it even harder for the human to breath properly. All her life Hyunjin waited for love to find her and  even then when she was sure that would be the end of her life, she was still happy to know what it felt like to give somebody every piece of her without regrets. Around her the princesses stayed quiet as their younger sister  cried even louder still held by Haseul's powers feets away from her loved one. 

-Allow her to say goodbye Haseul- Jinsoul almost begged as she looked at her older sister coming slowly down from her place over their heads- Give them this and then we'll leave as  we promised. 

-Shut up Jinsoul- Haseul hissed landing in front of the human, her eyes looking at her like she was something out of that planet- Are you willing to die for her? After what those men did to you because of her, do you still want her to live?

Heejin whined above their heads yet the words didn't seem to come out of her lips as she wanted, every piece of her human body ached because of the pressure Haseul was putting over it and despite she knew on any moment her bones could be broken by it Heejin still tried to fight against it, realizing that it was probably the same feeling Hyunjin had during the attack made the princess even more overwhelmed. Hyunjin must had felt like dying when she was being beated by those guards, Heejin could picture her crying as they kicked her and laughed at her pain right after, her loyal love being tortured by dark figures on her imagination and then right in front of her once again in danger because of her own sisters. 

-Get away from her!- Heejin yelled loudly trying to pull her arms from the grip holding her.- Don't you dare to touch her Haseul! 

-If you're going to kill her, do so and let's go. This is getting too dramatic for me- Jungeun huffed clearly annoyed as she stood up from the rock she was seating only to walk towards Haseul with a serious expression.- I'll do it. 
Hyunjin saw in amaze how a silver sword appeared on the woman's hand after a quick lighting, the guard couldn't help but think the irony of the situation, all those battles she had won, the honor and the respect she had collected over the years was gone. Hyunjin was going to die defeated, unable to fight like nothing but a bug or a fish, the cold metalic tip of the sword reached the side of her neck, it was sharp enough to create a thin cut just by pressing it lighting against her skin. Hyunjin looked up to meet her killer's eyes first, for her surprise Jungeun looked back at her with sorrow instead of pleasure or a simply blank stare, the princess looked like she almost regretted holding that sword to being with. 

The next target of her eyes was her loved one, Heejin. The princess cried loudly this time as she gripped the invisible rope against her neck holding her still, Hyunjin wanted to tell her it was okay, that it didn't matter but when she opened her lips nothing but a whine came up, she was scared of death like everybody else and that sound made Heejin realize how afraid she was on that situation. 

-Please don't kill her, please- Heejin cried louder with her eyes closed- Just let me hold her a minute, please.- She begged shamelessly.- I'll do whatever just let me... 

The three princesses standing on the ground turned to meet their younger sister in amaze, their familiy never begged for something specially not to desperatly. Hyunjin gripped the edges on her shirt until she knuckles were white, Why were they taking so long to make it end? Why did they want to make them suffer that much?

Heejin breathed deeping when she felt her neck finally being freed by her older sister, she was shaking and felt dizzy and weak when Haseul finally placed her back right in front of the kneeled human once Jungeun gave an step back away from her. 

-My love- Heejin sobbed kneeling as her as she threw her arms around Hyunjin's shoulders to hold her impossible close, her hand pressing the guard's head against her chest.- I'm sorry Hyunjin, please forgive me- The princess begged against burring her nose on Hyunjin's hair like she was trying to catch every drop of scent that came from the human's voice.- I'm so sorry.

-I love you- Hyunjin mumled against the princess's chest kissing the girl's collarbone- There's nothing to forgive, I offered my own life you didn't do anything. 

They felt like breaking, like parts of their body were floating around after deatached from the rest of them, forgetting they had four pair of eyes looking directly at them from the back. Heejin cupped the human's face only to press their lips together on a desperate kiss, a kind of need the princess never felt before as she hugged Hyunjin closer against her, How could she have done this to her? How did she allow it to reach a point where losing Hyunjin was the only solution? 

-I Love you too Hyunjin- Heejin whispered against her shaky lips before pecking them again for a few seconds, her fingers running slowly over the human's hair.- Please forgive me Angel.- The princess begged again looking at the guard between her tears, her thumbs cleaning every tear that rolled down Hyunjin's face.- You're everything i have Hyunjin- Heejin whined, she sorrow clear on her words- I wish I was better for you, I'm sorry i failed you on this life Hyunjin. 

Hyunjin simply leaned to capture her lips again, there weren't words to express her feelings and yet she had so many things she wanted to say, she was never going to be able to take Heejin to her home, They were never going to see the sea together, all the things Hyunjin had picture to do with her were all gone on a single hour. Heejin never felt a pain so deeply inside her, it was like having an animal growing between her chest and her abdomen as she kissed Hyunjin's lips tenderly. 

"on this life" 

Heejin thought as she held Hyunjin close to her once again, there were still a chance for them. 

-I'll let her live- Jungeun informed suddenly making the couple turn around with wide eyes teary eyes to look at the other three princesses on their back. 

Love was the only pure thing humans could feel, the only thing that they planet had that the people on the moon could envy. All the rulers of the cold planet had been on earth for years before taking their place to lead their people and all thought the same about love, unfortunatly the Jeons had different stories and even when Heejin thought hers was about to be different there as still a hint of mistrust boilding inside her. 

Years behind her sisters were not different from her, they were all young and placed on an strange planet to built their characters, to find things that they couldn't explore on their own envoriment. They all lived long lives as humans, all ruled their countries on different ways and make their own path on earth but despite their fortune and how much they tried to be beter humans all their loves vanished away. When Heejin a child, Jinsoul was the one on earth right after Jungeun's time ended and even with her tender years the younger could easily see her sister was not the same person she was when she left them, she heard Haseul was the same. 

Heejin had happy memories with every single one of them but Haseul had the most, until she came back from the planet where they were standing. Haseul was soulless, she turned cold and seemed to be nothing but merciless towards every person that tried to stand on her way, including her sisters. Kahei was her only love, the only human that made the older princess think they were a species worth of their time and efforts and no matter how hard Haseul always tried to protect her she was forced to see her loved one being murdered in front of her, she could still hear her calling her name throught the painful screams and the smell of her blood that wrapped Haseul when the drops landed on her face. 

-We can't make the same to her Haseul- Jinsoul said softly with tears on her eyes as she held Sooyoung against her chest protectively, Sooyoung had her powers yet the princess knew there were nothing compared to theirs. 
Heejin looked up at Haseul from her place on the ground as the wind pushed the leaved around them as they waited for an answer from the older, Heejin never thought it was her how would put her on the darkest place she's been throught. Haseul gave an step foward and Hyunjin saw how Heejin's eyes lighted metalic grey that moment. 

-Let's go- Haseul commanded extending her hand towards her little sister, Heejin didn't move- I won't hurt you Heejin, let's go back home. 

-Leave Heejin- Hyunjin whispered weakly beside her as she looked at her eyes- I'll be okay.

 Heejin breathed for a moment before hiding her face on the curve of Hyunjin's neck feeling the vibrations of the guard's chuckle against the skin of her cheek, the princess felt her hand  being trapped between Hyunjin's softly only for a second after feel her lips kiss her knuckles like she did on the castle. 

-I forgive you princess- Hyunjin whispered on her ear before kissing the spot under her lobe. 

It was all Heejin needed to hear to be free to leave that planet, with one last kiss she stood up from the floor slowly taking the hand Haseul was offering her. 

-You're brave Human- Jungeun admitted as she stood beside Jinsoul waiting for the other two princesses to come to them. 

-Couldn't expect less for Heejin- Jinsoul added with a tender smile as she reached for her younger sister, Heejin smiled when she felt her hand being squeezed by the older. 

Hyunjin stayed on her place on the ground looking at the women in front of her in amaze, it was heavenly. A bright light appeared a few steps behind their backs showing the human they were more than ready to leave that behind, Sooyoung was the first one to disappear on the light. Hyunjin looked how Heejin was walked by Jinsoul towards the same path before locking eyes with Haseul still standing only a few steps from her, that moment Hyunjin knew it was a lie. 

-I never said anything about not hurting you- Haseul said making Heejin stop her steps inmediatly to look back at her older sister. 

Heejin's desperate scream was the only thing Hyunjin heard a second before her life ended. 



Once again i thank you for reading this story and giving me your time, i hope you enjoyed reading despite i bet you didn't like this end hehe. Be safe and take care of yourself, until next time!

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