Tales of princess Jeon.

Nothing on her morning could explain the anxious feeling floating inside the princess´s chest since she woke up from her dream hours behind, her family seemed to be perfectly fine as they held a charismatic conversation with the prince’s siblings around the large table filled with their luxurious breakfast. Everybody around her was on a good state yet she still could feel her heart twist and ache for a bitter event that didn’t seem to happen yet, Heejin looked around trying to  find comfort on the familiar pair of honey eyes yet she couldn’t find them anywhere inside the room.

Hyunjin was never late for her work; even on rainy days the guard was always there to greet her the second she walked out of her room. The princess tried to excuse her because th4 ball was over almost at dawn and Hyunjin couldn’t even seat more than a few minutes during the entire evening, the doors opened showing a rare sight of the princess’s adviser who always looked flawless and quiet that morning always looked at Heejin with fear running inside her eyes. The princess then knew her bad presages where about to be revealed. 

-Excuse me your majesty; I need to talk to the princess- Sooyoung whispered to the queen as quietly as possible trying not to alert anyone else on the table.

Heejin stood up without even waiting for the permission to do it; she didn’t care about bowing to her guest or to kiss her fiancé as he asked her to do, something bigger was going on and she could feel her hands tremble a little at the idea. Sooyoung bowed for both of them before walking with the princess to the hallway speeding her steps as soon as they were out of sight, the older was nervous and that only made the walk even worse for the princess who followed her steps in silence.

-Listen to me Heejin- Sooyoung said suddenly stopping in front of a room. - You have to stay calmed, okay? Keep things in control. 

-Why are you telling this? I haven’t done anything- Heejin said furrowing her eyebrows, yet she nodded at the request despite her confusion- I won’t mess up. 

The door was opened and for a second the princess couldn’t quite understand why such warning before walking in until her eyes spotted her, Heejin felt like all the air on her lungs was taken away as she tried to process the picture in front of her. Hyunjin was almost completely laid on a chair with her bruised hand holding her side keep she tried to keep herself together by doing so; on her knuckles there was still a light trace of dry blood almost hidden by the layer of dirt that covered her entirely, she whined miserably when the door opened with her eyes still closed from the pain and the tiredness only to find the princess standing on the other side of the room. Hyunjin stood up to meet her even when she felt her whole body complain for the movement. 

-Good Morning princess- Hyunjin said with a raspy voice before coughing like the dirt was inside her as well.

Heejin’s wide eyes noticed the cut on the woman’s lower lip, the bruises on her cheek and even a trace of blood that used to run from the edge of her eyebrow to her cheekbone, whoever did that to her took their job seriously. The princess almost ran to her holding the sob that was trying to escape her chest, Hyunjin lowered her head suddenly ashamed of her state as she felt the princess’s tender fingers caressing her cheeks as lightly as possible not to hurt her. The guard bit her tongue not to cry. 

Looking down Hyunjin forced herself to face the state of the uniform she was wearing, the once Heejin so excitedly gave to her, was then ruined all covered in mug and stained with her own blood around the edges of her sleeves, the same that were almost torn from the rest of the uniform the night before. For the first time in a long time the guard felt like crying like a little kid when she felt the tender touch on her skin, somebody who cared, who worried about her. 

-Prepare my bath and call our doctor- Heejin ordered in a severe tone looking at Sooyoung before turning to Hyunjin with a much softer gaze- It’s okay Hyunjin, I’m here now you’ll be okay. 

Hyunjin could hear the pain on the words like the princess could feel how much it hurts her as well, the guard wanted to hold her but she knew her ribs might not resist any more pressure, she held with both hands the princess’s taking them to her dry lips to softly kiss them with her eye shut close on a desperate attempt to console the person helping her. 

-I’m sorry I ruined your uniform and lost my sword- Hyunjin said quietly and despite her initial idea her voice came out as a sob- They were too many Heejin, I tried to fight, I promise I really tried to fight. 

-I know you did my love, you’re safe now.- Heejin whispered as the tears started to run from her own eyes, softly she wrapped her arm around the guard’s neck to make her rest her forehead on her shoulder holding her like she was about to break- You don’t have to worry anymore, nobody will touch you here. 

Coming from the bottom of her chest Heejin could feel the growing anger almost dragging the sadness away; she could then understand Sooyoung’s fears. She was trained to stay calm, to stay under control on situations like those yet Heejin felt like her whole body shook asking for any kind of release to her anger, somebody was responsible for their pain and if she had the chance she will make them regret every second they took to hurt the woman between her arms.

The doors opened again and despite her first impulse Heejin didn’t turn to meet however walked inside or even tried to hide the fact that she was consoling her guard, Hyunjin curled a little more into her almost shaking at the sound as Heejin her hair softly to a side. The princess was already tired of pretending. 

-What does this mean!?- The prince exclaimed walking to the room with two of his men and the king himself on his back. - Get away from my princess you animal! 

-You should not play with my mood today prince- Heejin spitted turning around to meet the men still holding the guard to her side by her waist.- Father, Hyunjin is staying in palace for as long as she pleases from now on. 

-Aren’t you the royal guard? - The kind pointed walking closer to her daughter and the young woman to her side, Hyunjin coughed a yes feeling how Heejin held her tighter. –Why are you so hurt then? Aren’t you supposed to be the strongest?

Hyunjin felt like her heart stopped for a second as the cold eyes danced on her face as she heard the harsh words, she knew that, she was supposed to be stronger and yet she couldn’t help the growing shame inside her. Did the princess isthink she was weak too? She saw her crying and saw her hurt enough to barely being able to move, Hyunjin suddenly felt nothing but hollow.

 -I’m sorry your grace- Hyunjin whispered taking a step to a side away from Heejin to try to bow for her king, the pain almost made her loudly whine.- I’ll practice harder. 

-Practice is already over stupid- The prince mocked with a smile before snapping his fingers gracefully. 

Hyunjin didn’t understand what it meant for a second and by the time she did it was already too late as she felt a hand wrap around her dirty hair to pull her roughly to the floor, she felt everything on her body ache and burn the second she landed on the floor, if a sound left she wasn’t able to hear it through the endless pain. The guard fought back her tears  as she lifted her chin to meet the prince with a serious look, she still had to show how capable she was to fight back even when everything on her body felt ready to collapse. 

All Heejin could hear was how loud and heavy her breathing was turning as she tried to keep herself in calm the second Hyunjin impacted against the cold ground, her hand was took as a prisoner for Sooyoung who without anybody realizing walking right on time to hold the princess down, aware of something nobody could expect. 

-You’re nothing but a failure- The prince mocked walking around the woman with a smile, Hyunjin gasped in pain when his boot stood over her fingers. - What will you do now, huh? You’re not that brave without a sword. 

Hyunjin turned to meet the princess when she felt the cold metallic edge against the sensitive skin of her neck; she was for the first time in years on the bad side of a sword. Heejin felt like her heart forgot how to beat when she spotted the thin trace of blood that ran from her lover’s neck to her chest in silence, Sooyoung closed her eyes knowing was coming next as she took a step back to allow Heejin to move properly. The prince lifted her sword and on that quick second Heejin spotted the delicately written name on the edge. It was Hyunjin’s sword. 

-You bastard! - Heejin screamed almost at the top of her lungs as she lifted her hand pointing at the prince. 

Everybody looked in amaze and terror how the man was thrown against the ceiling, his body floating on the air as light as a feather, the prince cried in pain. Hyunjin gasped in relive as Heejin leaned to pick her from the floor helping her to stand up only to hold her to her side protectively, the guard  noticed then that the eyes that used to be warm and honey a minute ago turned into a cold grey as Heejin looked at the flying me. 

-Heejin- Sooyoung called softly as a warning that the princess wasn’t open to take. 

-You asked them to hurt her!- Heejin lifted her hand moving it to the right, Hyunjin looked how the man's body crashed against a wall like he was nothing but a puppet.- Will you deny it? 

Heejin teared her eyes apart from the man to look at her father walking to her with a terrified look on his face, the princess only held Hyunjin tighter ready to comfort whoever tried to hurt any of them again. The prince coughed above their heads making them turn their attention to his then hurt body, the king gasped when he saw the young man spit a gush of blood on their direction. Heejin laughed at him bitterly.

-If you lay a single finger on her I won't hesitate- Heejin warned to the king with a severe tone before turning to the guard who was resting her weight on the princess’s shoulder- I'll get you out of here in a second Hyun, just give me moment. 

Hyunjin felt lighter when Heejin walked only a few steps away from her and suddenly the idea of it being Heejin’s fault didn't seem too impossible to consider.  Sooyoung took her place behind the guard in silence fighting with the voice inside herself telling to stop whatever Heejin was about to start yet she knew it was already too late to do so, exposing her powers after Heejin's was a risk she wasn't willing to take. All those years on Earth taught the adviser it was better to keep everything as secret as possible and she was the one in charge of teaching Heejin how to do it. Sooyoung knew her head was in danger, she was scared of something bigger than the Human's law. They were having to face their own people.

-Do you deny hurting her?- Heejin spitted again this time floating gracefully to meet the man on the air keeping him only a meter away. 

-I should have told them to kill her like the animal she is!-The Prince’s shouted making Hyunjin shiver down their feet, he for sure would have done it if he had the chance to. 

-Heejin-Sooyoung called frustrated as a warning when she saw the princess's hands turn into fists. 

The prince reached his neck trying to push invisible hands around it keeping him away from all the oxygen he needed, everything on his body was pulsing and aching as he kicked the empty space around them centimeters away from the ceiling. Heejin moved him closer without even lifting her hands making the man look directly to her eyes, the unexpressive grey color making him feel like everything he thought was human on Heejin was gone, there weren't more feelings or emotions inside her. Cold and strong like the place she came from. 

-I won't kill you today- Heejin said in a whisper as she looked directly at the man- If you send for her again I will personally get you murdered- The man cried in silence as he felt her neck being squeezed tighter by the imaginary hands. – Get out of my kingdom before sunset or you'll meet the consequences. 

Heejin let him fall dangerously fast only to make him scream as he did, only a second from breaking the few healthy bones he still had on his body against the ground the princess softened his impact by reducing the speed. Hyunjin looked in amaze how Heejin placed in front of her, landing as she barely made any sound with her shoes against the porcelain.

-Will you come with me?- Heejin wondered holding Hyunjin's hand between both of hers softly, Humans were a mystery sometimes for her and she knew after witnessing what she did it was more probably that Hyunjin wanted to escape more than to accompany her somewhere. Hyunjin smiled softly before nodding.- You know where to look Sooyoung.

Arms wrapped around her body softly yet with a firm grip like Heejin was scared of her leaving her behind at any second, Hyunjin was sure that her life was now on a race and it was only matter of time to finish everything up. Heejin allowed her to worry about that keeping to herself the growing panic for the consequences of her actions. 

Worse dangers were coming and Heejin knew not even Hyunjin could save her from them as she disappeared from Sooyoung's gaze.


Hello guys! Thank you once again for giving your time by reading this mess hehe, the end is coming closer after this. I promise I will push myself harder to write down more often. Take good care of yourselves, see you next time! 

P.D: If you're reading "SAVE YOU" next chapter is almost done, I'll try to update it this weekend!

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