Tales of princess Jeon.

Heejin’s light steps didn’t made a single noise against the carefully cleaned floor of her room surrounded by an almost complete darkness only interrupted by the moon’s brightness lighting the porcelain skin of the crying princess, feeling her sorrows boiling inside her aching heart the tears seemed endless as the immaculate skirt of her dress moved with the wind blowing harshly against her trembling body seated on the balcony’s floor facing the lights of her kingdom rise against the darkness of the mountains that kept them almost hidden on the valley. The pair of hazel eyes that used to be joyful looked at the skin with tears running down the soft skin of the princess’s cheek, showing only the moon her deep suffer as she held her hands together tightly against her chest, hugging the last trace of faith and hope she had on her heart.

-Please… Help me end with this sorrow-Heejin begged with a shaky voice as her eye kept shut close- I’ll do as you command but please let me be happy.

Her words were dragged by the cold wind and her sadness was once again only heard by the night’s creatures making noises for her like they could understand her pain until the morning came and palace’s sounds shushed not only the crickets but the princess as well who was woke up by her handmaiden softly shaking her shoulder with a mortified look on her face, What would the King and the Queen do if they knew their beloved daughter slept on the floor and not her bed? Away from the safety of the thick warm blankets specially made for her and alone against the night’s coldness with her fragile health.

-Princess please wake up, your fiancé is already coming- The woman asked with a soft voice to the barely awake princess who felt her heart ache at the news.- Your parents are waiting for you to eat breakfast, the king told me to hurry you up.

For the last month the family meals she used to love since she was only a child became a torture because of the unstoppable planning of her weeding with a prince from a far kingdom, a man with no manners or gentleness. Heejin saw the excitement fill her mother’s face when the prince walked through the heavy wooden doors of the palace with a box of jewelry on his hands like a gift for his fiancé, a perfect stranger for him, the princess wondered how somebody could be so ready to tie their life to a person they didn’t know but for the prince all the doubts vanished the second his eyes landed over the princess’s perfect face. For years the Jeon Dynasty had being well known for not only their fair laws but also their impeccable beauty and Heejin was the perfect example of it. Her dark hair created waves around the pale skin of her face making her so effortlessly elegant as she forced herself to create a shy smile on her pink lips for the prince hugging her against his wide chest, even if it was only for a few seconds Heejin had to hold her breath not to punch him away.

Heejin hated the smell of sweat coming out of his skin, the way his rough hands felt against the softness of her arms, but mostly she hated the lack of love she could feel on him. Under her gaze the prince was just an empty package decorated with too much effort for something that didn’t have much to give other than his name and his richness, things that a princess such as Jeon Heejin didn’t need at all. Her parents stayed unaware of her pain as they welcomed the prince with an almost exaggerated happiness, the wedding of their only child, the person they loved the most of earth who was also the one who they were hurting the most. Heejin didn’t understand their intentions but her fears kept her quiet as the days went by thinking it might end up just like a bad dream, life was teaching her that sometimes not everything can go how you planned when the wedding date only became closer and her fate was written by everybody’s pens but hers.

Voices felt the royal living room as her father’s court and the prince’s people gathered around the table filled with an uncountable number of dishes carefully prepared for such the special night, everybody seemed so excited by their loved princess’s marriage that they forgot to check if the bride was happy herself as she stayed on her seat afar from the cordial conversation she was already tired of having. Heejin’s eyes were already closing as the hours went by despite the loud noises around her when her mother’s light touch reached her shoulder making her meet her mother’s soft smile as she waited for her daughter to stand up the table and follow her through the crowd. The wind felt cold against her skin when they stood on the balcony away from the noises and the people, the garden lighted by faint lights extended down their feet making Heejin find the momentary peace she was looking for only minutes ago.

-I need you to meet someone.-Her mother’s voice filled the space between them making the princess’s heart warm at the sound- You already have many guards but you don’t seem to like them much.- Heejin’s smile curved shyly at the fact, she didn’t really thought somebody would realize about it on the first place.- I think this one would be different… more like a friend than a guard.

Heejin almost gasps loudly when her gaze landed on the girl walking towards them with a serious yet kind gesture on her face, the princess’s heart beat loudly on her chest when the moon’s light made the girl wrapped on a blue and yellow uniform look even more beautiful than against the candles. The unknown eyes looked at her with impossible admiration before bowing flawlessly in front of the shocked princess who with a trace of shyness extended her hand to shake the girl’s softly, fighting the sudden need of pulling her closer when she felt the soft warm skin on her hand in a light squeeze.

-It’s an honor meeting you princess Jeon. - The girl said of a calm voice as her lips turned into a soft smile that made the princess’s heart jump on her chest. - I’m your new personal guard, Kim Hyunjin.

Heejin found something she thought was lost on the pair of hazel eyes, the hope she was dying for.

That night, for the first time in days, the moon didn’t have to hear the princess cry.


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