Tales of princess Jeon.

Heejin knew the time for resting was over when she heard the door opening making Sooyoung's presens known on the little room, the human next to her didn't even move completly unbothered by the sound of steps around her or the loss of contact on her left side when the princess stood up to meet her adviser. Sooyoung looked at her in complete silence as she handed her clean clothes for both, Hyunjin and her to change into, the fact that the human seemed to be so deep into her sleep was gave them an advantage to prepare themselves for what was coming their way. 

The place where they came from was completly different from the live they carried as humans all those years, there were stricter rules that could never be crossed and one of those were hurting a living being that was completly unprotected towards their powers. Humans were inferior to them on that field, Heejin knew it would only take a few of their people to create a complete masacre on earth but that only happened ages behind. luckly their people was more peacuful and understanding than humans because otherwise there wouldn't be any living form on the earth other than animals.

Sooyoung decided to remain quiet as she leaned against an ancient tree, the montains around were lighted by the full moon that seemed brigther than ever that night as Heejin changed into a pair of pants. The princess regreted not living her human life as a free person, she regreted not being strong enough to leave the palace behind since she was much younger yet the idea was washed from her brain when she realized that otherwise she wouldn't have Hyunjin on her life during that moment. 

-Did you tell her?- Sooyoung wondered standing straight, studying the figure in front of her.

-She's hurt enough already- Heejin said furrowing her eyebrows as she leaned to tide her boats- Do you think they'll kill me? 

Sooyoung thought about it for a second, there were many chances of it but it all depended on who they sent for them.

-Pray for it to be your sisters, otherwise we'll both die tonight- The adviser said calmly. 

death was the natural way of life and despite the older felt she had still many things to live and experiment she knew her fade was probably written already, accept it was the only thing left to do. The other princesses were more indulgent that the warriors and just maybe the close bound between them was going to be enough for them to pass the incident in peace, Heejin knew that even if they allowed her to live a little longer there wouldn't be any chance for her to stay on earth for much time neither, the idea made the taste of Hyunjin's lips bitter when she leaned to kiss her as soon as she woke up. 

-We need you to clean up- Heejin said softly as she helped the guard to stand up from the bed, Hyunjin nodded slowly- Do you think you can do it on your own? 

-Yeah- Hyunjin nodded, she felt her body heavier and her eyes like they were about to close again.

-Did you gave her something to drink?- Sooyoung wondered looking how the usually strong guard was having trouble to stay awake on her own, her voice made Hyunjin look up to meet her.- Go clean up quickly Hyunjin, otherwise there won't be no time for us to heal you. 

Hyunjin wanted to ask why their time would be ending yet she felt too dizzy to investigate, she walked with Heejin on a dirt path that was almost to dark to see where they were heading. The princess wrapped her arm around the guard's waist to make sure she stayed away from the ground, she wasn't too sure if the human could hold any other wounds at this point. Heejin regreted not taking her sooner to that place, the pictures of Hyunjin and her laying on the grass or even swimming on the clear waters of the river filled her mind for a second, knowing that then was impossible made her heart ache. 

-Here's some clothes- Heejin said placing it on the top of a rock, the river made soft sounds next to them- I'll be here if you need anything love. 

-I think you gave me too much of that drink- Hyunjin giggled softly, her hand reached the princess's cheek making Heejin lean her head to the touch.- I'll be ready on a second- The guard promised before kissing the girl's lips a few times. 

Heejin had kissed humans before not as much as everybody expected for someone who had that kind of beauty but just the right amount to know how a good kiss felt like, and Hyunjin's for sure were the best ones she's ever had. The feeling of warmness that filled her almost overwelming her completly from how much joy she could feel inside her chest, it was the purest love Heejin had experienced on those years as a Human. Looking up to the sky where the moon shone on it's fullest Heejin wondered what kind of conversation could her sisters be having on that moment, she was aware that the three of them would be looking at every single ones of her moves probably even before the attack. The princess used to cry for them to come for her and that night she was more than ready to beg them to allow her to stay. 

Being the youngest on her line there was not much she could do against her sisters's decisions despite the elders always made sure to hear her when she had something to say, but Heejin guessed that was on the past, now she had to face a completly different side of the princesses and it was a side she was terrified of. Her sisters had their own individual ways of dealing with those type of problems and she knew that even if it hurt them on the deepest they would made sure to carry her punishment as they would with any other on their kingdom. Hyunjin groaned when she leaned on an attempt to tie her boats making Heejin's attetion come back to her as she turned around to meet the guard freeshly washed and seating on a rock beside the water. 

-Let me help you with that- Heejin smiled warmly as she moved closer to her, kneeling in front of the hurt guard. 

-Nobody would believe me if i said the princess tied my shoes- Hyunjin joked making Heejin chuckle at the comment, the guard's fingers ran through the dark hair softly massaging her scalp.- It would be easier to believe you threw a man against the ceiling even. 

-They would throw me to the fire as soon as they had a chance- Heejin said leaning to kiss the guard's covered knee before looking up directly to the hazel eyes, Hyunjin smiled softly. 

-Let's stay here for a moment- The guard asked standing for a short moment from the rock before seating behind the princess's body on the ground.

Heejin felt how the pair of hands pulled her softly from the waist to make her back rest against Hyunjin's front, the guard wrapped her arms around her torso as  soon as she was on the right place, her nose on the crock of the princess's neck. Hyunjin  didn't know why but somehow she felt like something bigger was about to happend, she couldn't know if it was for their good or their bad so the least she could do was try to spent another peacuful moment with the woman she loved. 

-I'm sorry- Heejin suddenly whispered feeling the arms hold her tighter.

-I should be the one apologizing- Hyunjin said against her skin, she kissed her shoulder before lifting her head to meet the silver eyes, Heejin caressed her cheek tenderly.- You lost your kingdom, your palace and even your family... 

-They are not  my family, they stopped being when they turned selfish towards me-Heejin said furrowing her eyebrows- I'm sorry because i didn't gave us a chance to be happier before. 

All those walks between the gardens tall bushes and the stolen hugs they had on almost every room of her palace suddenly didn't seem enough, Heejin wished she had kissed all those times she was dying to since the moment they got to know each other, she wished she insisted on resting on the same bed when Hyunjin stayed on her door during her guards. Heejin felt her eyes fill with bitter tears as the guard held her, kissing her cheeks on a desperate attemp to make her sadness go away. 

-It's okay my love, we still have a long life to live together- Hyunjin said innocently making the princess sob louder. 

Hyunjin gaped loudly almost jumping from the floor with a bright white light shone right in front of them only a few meters away from their bodies, Heejin's nails digging into her forearm as she gripped her harder, her crying became quieter but not softer for the guard who could feel how hard her shoulders were shaking against her chest. Hyunjin pulled herself up bringing the princess with her from the floor as the light stayed still for a minute before being replaced by three unknown women and Sooyoung practically hidden behind one of them who held her hand tighly, the guard realized something terrible was about to happend when she spotted the clear sadness on almost every face expect for the shorter between them. 

-It breakes my heart to meet under this circunstances after such a long time Heejin- The one holding Sooyoung's hand started looking at the crying princess with a honest sadness on her gaze. 

-I never thought you would be capable of doing this...- The woman on the right side started turning to meet the one in the middle with deep eyes. 

-This stupidity- The shorter finally spoke making Hyunjin shiver, she hugged Heejin tighter to herself.- Do you want to say anything before we decide? 

-You know there was no other chance Haseul, I couldn't allow them to kill her right in front of my eyes- Heejin said looking at her older sister on the eyes, Haseul's deep green eyes seemed to be digging inside her thoughts as she spoke- You knew i loved her and any of you did something to stop those bastards from hurting her like that, even when i know you were watching. 

-We stopped them from killing her-The woman on the right interrupted with one of her eye brows lifted. 

-And now you're punishiming me for saving her-Heejin said trying to fight back a sob- Why didn't you stop them Jinsoul? What would you have done if it was Sooyoung instead? 

The two taller turned to meet each other for a second, Jinsoul knew she would have probably shown herself inmediatly if anyone dared to lay a single finger on her loved one, even the single idea of Sooyoung's bones cracking and her screams of pain made the taller feel her insides twist and ache.

-I would have killed them- Jinsoul nodded before leaning to kiss Sooyoung's lips softly- But your actions can not depend on what i can or should do. 

-Would you kill her too Haseul?- Heejin pointed turning to meet the shorter, her face didn't reveal any kind of emotion as she faced the  youngers in silence. 

Haseul knew her sisters like the plams of her hands and both Jinsoul and Heejin could be lead by emotions too often for her liking, having Jungeun being as rational as her created the perfect balance  betwen the sibilings. Heejin knew that it was probably pointless to argue with them about a decision that was already taken but she had nothing to lose by trying and a lot of things to win if it worked, her eyes went from Haseul to Jungeun for a moment moment before she spotted Haseul lifting her finger. 

-You don't dare to pull her from me!-Heejin said pointing at the most powerful of her sisters, Haseul only needed to blink to hurt Hyunjin if she wanted. 

-Stop being Childish Heejin, you're already grown enough- Jungeun talked almost as a beg, the last thing she wanted was for her little sister to be into a fight with any of them. Jinsoul nodded at her side.

-You'll find a new toy soon, there's plenty of pretty girls on the moon as well- Haseul sounded already too irritated to keep the show going any further, Hyunjin felt dull as she turned to look at Heejin.

-I bet you know that better than anyone, Kahei would be disgusted if she looked at you now- Heejin said making Jinsoul gasp knowing what was coming next after those words, Haseul didn't move an inch from her spot in front yet Hyunjin could see her eyes turning darker- Did you really think i was going to let her die like you did with Kahei? I thought you more than any.... 

Hyunjin gasped loudly when the body she was holding to her front was thrown to the air like her arms hadn't being hold her to the ground on the first place, Heejin looked at her from above with tears on her eyes once again as she tried her best to scape the invisable embrace Haseul had pulled her into. Her powers were nothing compared to her sisters so there was not much that she could do on a fight against any of them, Heejin relized her mistake when she felt the embrace tighter against her neck cutting the air to her lungs as Haseul gracefully floated closer to her. 

-This better be the last time i hear her name coming from your mouth- Haseul pointed clearly furious despite she didn't rise her voice not even a bit, Heejin whined louder with her eyes closed. Haseul chuckled- What?, Won't you say something else? you seemed very eager to talk just a second ago. 

-let her breath- Jinsoul groaned from the ground with her eyebrows lifted as she looked at her little sister kick the air around her body.- Haseul, I asked you to let her breath. 

-Be quiet Jinsoul, your girlfriend is not much guilt free yet- Haseul warned turning to the older for a second, by the moment she turned around once again Heejin had her eyes barely opened looking directly at hers. 

Jungeun took a seat on the a rock by the river in silence letting her fingers feel the water run throught them, neither of the two princesses on the ground seemed too intrested to stop the fight that took place over their heads despite Hyunjin could say Jinsoul was more than conflicted by it. The human on the other side was having a  hard time to process what was ocurring on her surrondings, her body shaking in fear she she heard her princess groan in pain above her, It was frustrating not being able to protect her like she promised to do. All the devine figures turned around to her when the guard fell to her knees completly defeated, Hyunjin felt she was choking as much as Heejin was that moment.  It felt like every deep breath she tired to take burned her insides when she fell to the ground without much care, her pain was long forgotten when she lifted her hand for the only thing that she could do, beg. Heejin moved furiously above her trying to free herself from the invisible grip around her chest.

-Please, Please don't kill her- Hyunjin whined loud enough for the floating princesses to hear, her voice didn't felt her own when it passed her lips- You can take my life but please let her be, just this time just don't hurt her any longer. 

Hyunjin didn't care for herself any longer, she was sure her life would be nothing compared to all the things the younger princess could be able to do if the forgiveness was gave to her but Heejin didn't thought like it for a second as she desperatly tried to focus every drop of her power of forcing Haseul away from her. The gods her people prayed to decades were about to turn her murderers as Hyunjin leaned foward to the groung pressing her forehead to the dirt as the bitter tears ran down her cheeks, her eyes closed trying to focus on the sound of the water running on her back as she quietly waited for her death. 


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