Buried In the Sky

“Are you not feeling well?" Jin asked concerned. Jimin shake his head. 


"Nothing big. I'm just a little dizzy." They just finished the movie. 


"I can't believe you missed the beginning. It was so cool. The landscape looked so beautiful.." Jimin wasn't paying attention anymore as his eyes blurred. His mind flashed and he saw them again. 


Taehyung with someone other than Seokjin. The Seokjin he loved so much. The Seokjin that loved him so much. He should tell Jin. He needs to tell Jin. 


"Earth to Jimin~" Jimin shook his head and the images blurred away.


"Yeah." He breathes out. Jin was currently standing in front of him. 


"Are you sure you're fine? You don't look so good." Jin pressed a hand to his forehead. Before he could even realize what was happening everything went black.


He groaned silently. His head hurts like hell. He could hear thunder. Something wet was crawling up his arm. Then he saw Taehyung again in that bedroom with that other person who was not Jin. 


Jimin try desperately to open his eyes but they wouldn't. He covers the vision of the two with his hand. But then someone grabbed his hand. He yelps and try to pull away.


"It's okay Jimin. I'm right here." He gasp as he woke from his nightmare. Jin was sitting by his side with worry in his eyes. He was on a bed. But where? Jin had a wet towel on his arm. 


"Where are we?" Jimin asks looking around. It wasn't his place neither was it Tae and Jin's place. 


"We're at a hotel. There's a big storm and we shouldn't be on the road so I just brought us to the nearest hotel." Jin explains to him as he wipes Jimin's sweat that he himself didn't notice. 


Jimin looked out the window and sure enough it was raining cats and dogs. It was very windy. Thunder was heard too. "But what about Tae?"


"He's fine." Jin assures him. "But you're not. Can you tell me what's going on?" He looks away from Jin's eyes.


"I-I um.." Just say it Jimin. Just say it now. "I think I'm just stressed from work." He couldn't say it. It would hurt Jin too much. 


"Jimin..You need to stop working yourself so hard. Tae is right. You're a workaholic." Jin scolds him, still wiping his face. Jin's hand brushes his brow. "Did I ever tell you Jimin?" Jimin looks up at Jin. "I like your eyes." 


Jin smiles kindly before bringing the towel to the bathroom. Jimin brings his hand up to his cheek. It was warm. And for a moment he forgot all about what he saw earlier. 


They lie in bed together watching t.v. Despite blacking out earlier Jimin fell asleep before Jin did. When he awoke it was dark. The storm calmed down and all that was heard was just the rain. 


Jimin look over to his side. Jin was sound asleep and right next to him. He could feel his body heating up. He moves to distance them only to find out he's barely hanging off. 


He tries to go back to sleep but couldn't because of how close Jin was. So he stood up and went to the window. He opens it to let fresh air in feeling the rain sprinkle his skin. 


There were no stars in sight. "I can't tell him. So I'll tell you." He looks up at the sky. "I saw something I shouldn't have." He glance back at Jin who was still asleep but nearing the edge himself. 


"I saw my best friend, Taehyung." He clench his hands. "Cheating on his boyfriend Seokjin." He closes his eyes tightly. 


It was silent. The rain seemed to quiet down as if waiting for what he has to say.


If he buries it in the sky. He won't have to worry about it anymore. 




Jimin could not bring himself anywhere near Taehyung. So he came up with many excuses each time he was invited over. He stopped thinking about what he saw entirely and just focused on Jin. 


But even though he didn't see Tae he saw Jin a lot. Jin would come to his place a lot bringing food that he cooked. He'd stay with him until Jimin finished the food then leave. 


"You know I can just bring over the containers when I finish the food." Jimin tells Jin as Jin played with Ren. 


"I know that but I want to see you finish all the food. You've been so thin lately." Jin sits down next to him. 


"Can't I just lose some weight?" Jimin asks. He was a bit happy that Jin was caring about him.


Jin shakes his head. He then pinches Jimin's cheek. Jimin blushes as Jin pinches his other cheek. "Don't lose weight. Taehyung's been working out and his cute belly's disappearing." 


"So he's getting abs now?" Jimin wonders why Tae's working out. 


"Yeah. Just like you." He avoids Jin's eyes as he continues eating again. That's right. Jin saw him topless before. 


-Seokjin's p.o.v-


Jimin goes back to eating. He passes the empty containers to me. "Thank you for the food. It was delicious." He glance at me and I could see something in his eyes. Did I mention, I like his eyes a lot. 


There's a sparkle to them every time I look into them. And when he smiles...


"Jin." I look back at him. He reaches behind my ear. 


"Ta-da!" He holds a small round ball of chocolate. "For you." 


I take it. "Thank you, Jimin." I let the ball roll in my hand. "I'll eat it for sure!" I smile and wave before leaving. 




I sprinkle some sprinkles on the cake. Done! I put the cake on the counter. Taehyung should be coming home any moment now. It was Valentines Day. 


With a knock on the door, I run to open it. Taehyung wraps his arms around me. "The cake smells good." Tae kisses my cheek. "But that's not the only thing that smells good." I hit him playfully. 


I close the door as Taehyung goes over to the sofa. I turn off all the lights and light the candles. He wraps his arms around my waist and rests his head on my shoulder. I push him away and put the cake between us. 


"Happy Valentines to the most handsome man who is also my boyfriend." We blow the candles together. Before I can turn on the lights Taehyung kisses me and carries me to our bedroom leaving the cake all alone.




I glance over to Taehyung who's cuddling me. He's fast asleep. I get up leaving him whining in his sleep. I pick up our clothes and throw them into the laundry basket, grabbing an outfit for myself too. 


I go back to Tae. I run my hand through his hair. I love him so much. I look at the clock on the nightstand. Jimin's chocolate ball was there. Except now it was smushed. 


-Jimin's p.o.v-




"Stop! Go! I don't think I can ever see you again." Jungkook looks hurt at my words but leaves anyways. I don't care. We were never serious. I just used him. 


I fall onto my bed. I don't feel so well. So I get up and go over to a cabinet. I pour some pills into my hand. Painkillers. I swallow them. Hopefully I'll feel better after this. I plop down on the bed. 


Just when I'm about to fall asleep, I wake up. I rush over to the bathroom and head for the toilet. I vomit for, I don't know how long.


I rub my eyes. I can't do this anymore. I can't stay here anymore. I need to get away. So I grab a suitcase and start packing my clothes. Ren comes to my side tilting his head. I scratch the back of his ear. 


"Don't worry. I'm bringing you with me." 


I got on the road with just my suitcase and Ren. I sent Tae and Jin a video so they know that I'll be safe and fine. 


"Hey guys. I'm going to Busan for maybe a month. My family miss me and I miss them. Sorry that this was so unexpected but don't worry. I'm fine. Have fun. And until we see again, peace." 


My parents were surprised to see me but welcomed me warmly. I spent the next days touring Busan again, talking to my family and face timing Jin and Tae. But as the days went by. As the weeks pass. 


They two didn't talk to me as often anymore. Yes, I did feel more relaxed over here. My mind started to sort things out. I kept thinking about Jin. Everyday. Every night. 


"So I put this in then I take it out for 20 minutes then put it on the pan?" Taehyung asked confused.


"No first you have to make sure that it's-"


Taehyung slumps. "I'm sorry Jin. I don't understand this. I'm not good at cooking." Tae looks down sadly. 


Jin comes over to him. "Okay. You can wait while I make it." 


"Really? Call me when you need a hand though." Taehyung holds Jin's hand. Jin nods. "Okay." Tae presses a kiss onto Jin's hand before going to the living room.


"It's gonna take a long time." I state as Jin grabbed more ingredients. 


"I know. That's why I should hurry." Jin turns on the oven. 


"It looks complicated." I watch as he stirs meat in a pan and starts cutting vegetables. "I can help you." Jin doesn't hesitate as he throws me an apron. 


I cut the vegetables as he works by the stove and oven. "Thank you for helping me." 


"No problem." I smile happy that I'm able to help. He comes over to me. 


"Taste this." He brings a spoon to my mouth. 


"Nice texture." He smiles brightly. "But kinda..salty." He slumps. "But I'm sure you can fix it." 


"I'll try." He goes back but then appears at my side. "Can you chop a little faster? Thank you." Jin moves before I can even look at him. He's cute when he's focused on a task.


I do as he say and chop faster. "Ow." I turn to my head a bit to see him. 


"Did you burn yourself?" I ask.


"Yeah but it's minor. No need to worry." I watch him as he goes to the sink. The top of his finger was a bright red. 


"Jin!" I stop cutting and go over to him taking the finger and putting it under cold water. It was still a throbbing red after the water. We should put some ointment on it. He pulls his finger away. 


"It's okay. You can go back to cutting." Jin says sternly. I drag myself away. It was the first time he used such voice and continue cutting. I hear a hiss and immediately turn around. Jin was putting a bandage on. "Jin-" I drop the knife. While watching Jin I wasn't watching my finger. 


Blood dripped down and I quietly go to the sink. Jin was still putting a bandage on and didn't notice me until I remove my finger only to see more blood oozing out. 


"Jimin!" Jin grabbed my finger. I look away bashfully. 




I watch Jin as he wrapped my finger. Tae went out to buy burgers. "Sorry."


"What for?" I ask Jin.


"For making you cut yourself. If I hadn't distracted you because of my burn." Jin looks sorry as he closed the first aid kit. 


"No. I shouldn't have been so pesky." 


"You weren't being pesky just worried. I was just a little stressed. And it came off onto you. Sorry." 


"I forgive you. Now stop saying sorry." Jin nods. "Look at me." He looks up slowly. "See. I'm fine." I smile.


That was one of the many memories I thought of. 


A month and a few weeks had passed. I was going to go back to Seoul. 


"You could stay a little longer." My parents told me as I packed. 


"I should go. I need to work again and live at my place again. Ren will be here. Take care of him and you'll be taking care of me." My parents hugged me tightly before I rolled off with my suitcase.


I decided to go back because I was wrong. I was wrong to not tell Jin what I saw. He has the right to know. 




I smile as Jin opens the door. He hugs me and I hug him back. How I miss that smell? No. No Jimin. You're not going to go through this again. You're here as a good friend. Not anything more. 


Taehyung hugs me and I hug him back. "I miss having fun with you so much Jimin! There was no one to play video games with." 


"Hey! What about me?" Jin asks offended. 


"Yeah yeah but Jimin's cool." I laugh at Tae's comment. With so many things going on I forgot, Taehyung's my best friend. 


The many times he was there for me. The times I was there for him. I liked it being the two of us. I didn't want a third person. 


We eat and talk. I can see that the two grew closer together while I was gone? Did Taehyung tell Jin? Tae doesn't look like he's cheating...


Maybe I just shouldn't say anything. They seem happy. 




"I'm glad to have you back." Jin says next to me. We were both standing by the window looking at the sky. 


"It's nice to be back." I look at the full moon.


"You look healthy." I turn to look at Jin.


"That's because I am." I smile with my teeth and he looks away. I don't know if it's just me but Jin seems more beautiful. I didn't think that he could look even better. But he does. "So is Tae's soft tummy fully gone now." He laughs which makes me smile again. "When I hugged him I could feel how strong he got." 


"Yeah. I miss that soft tummy." I sneak a peek at Jin who's smiling up at the sky. His eyes are filled with love. 


I look away. As long as you're happy...




Tae invites me to the club saying how he misses watching me dance. I lose sight of him after a few dances. I didn't want to drink to much and instead went looking for Taehyung.


I see his head just as he turns a corner. "Taehyung!" But my voice is useless against the loud music. I push through people and go the way Taehyung did. I bump into many people but was just focused on finding Tae.


Whatever. He's probably making friends and having fun. He'll find me later. So I go to the bathroom. I go into a stall as all the urinals were used. Just when I finished though everybody's gone. 


My hands on the door ready to open when two people come in. Were they making out? Why in the bathroom? Now I have to walk past them awkwardly. I look through the crack. 


My mouth opened and my eyes widen. No. No. No. Not again. Not again. Stop. Stop! I move away from the door still hidden in the stall. 


It was Taehyung. He was cheating again. He was kissing someone else. "Taehyung." The man breathes out. 


Tae stops kissing. "Yeah." 


"You look really y." The man pushes Taehyung against the sink. He was the same guy in the bedroom with Taehyung.


"You too, Jungkook."

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