Buried In the Sky

"Because...the person you love is getting married." Jin stares at Jimin quietly. 


Silence fills the car for a moment. "The person I love." Jimin's eyes fills with anguish. "He won't love me. He already loves someone else."


Jin shakes his head then spoke. "You never told him."


Jimin looks at Jin with his hard gaze. "And I never will. My love for him is already-"


"Buried in the sky," Jin finishes his sentence. Jimin stares at him quietly. "Shall I continue?"



Jimin's p.o.v



"I'm fun. I mean I'm good and I'm having fun. But while you were working I was kinda just skipping around. You know Namjoon?" I nod and take a sip of my drink. "Well, he texted me one night asking if he left his keys at my place. He did so I told him to come by and I can just give it to him."


I was partially listening as I stirred the ice around in my drink. "So his car comes and I'm outside with his keys. His window rolls down and I hand him the keys. But someone was sitting in the passenger seat."


"So the person takes it awkwardly as I just stare at him. Namjoon's in the driver seat. He was so...so beautiful." I immediately stopped stirring my drink. B-beautiful? Tae never calls anyone beautiful, other than his mother. 


"I asked who he was and he's Namjoon's cousin." Wait a second. I think I know where this is heading. I sit up in my seat more eager to hear what he has to say. "His name is..."




Taehyung's face lights up more as a big smile grace his lips. I turn around in my seat. There he was. He smiled and wave then made his way over. I watched as he went to Tae's side. 


He looked nice with Taehyung. He looked as handsome as Tae does. "Jimin, meet my boyfriend, Seokjin. Seokjin, my best friend, Jimin." 


"Nice to meet you Jimin. Taehyung talks a lot about you." Seokjin sticks his hand out for a handshake. I take it and smile but all I'm looking at is Tae's arm wrapped around Seokjin's waist. 


I listen as Seokjin talks. But I'm not even fully listening. I'm watching Tae who's face lights up more each time Seokjin looks at him. His arm is still around Seokjin's waist. Firmly planted. I take a deep breath only to realize I can’t.


I excuse myself when it gets too suffocating. I turn back to look. Bad idea. Taehyung has both of his arms around Seokjin and he's looking up at Seokjin. Seokjin plants a small kiss on the top of his head.


I push open the door and lean over on the street not caring about anyone else. I run my hand through my hair taking deep breaths. 


I look up at the bright lights all around me then at the starless sky. Starless. Something my sky will always be. No stars. Just plain darkness. 




I knock on the door and is quickly greeted with Taehyung's face. "I already got everything set up." I close the door behind me and can see the video game on the t.v screen. The controllers are out too. But three?


"Is Seokjin playing with us too?" I ask as I sit down. Ever since that night, Seokjin's been hanging out with us too. He also moved into Taehyung's apartment. 


"Yeah, he just finished showering. Jinnie!" Taehyung shouts. 


Seokjin comes running in. "Hi Jimin." 


"Hi." I smile as he sits down next to Tae. We're all sitting in front of the t.v. I'm sitting on the ground while the both of them are on the sofa. 


We play for a while and soon Taehyung is out. He gets up to get us some drinks as Seokjin and I continue playing. 


"You're good at this."


"Thank you," I say with my eyes still on the screen. "You're good too." 


"Thanks. But I think you're better." After he finishes his sentence his character dies. I turn to look at him. He just smiles. "It's my first time playing anyways."


"You're still good. You beat Taehyung who's been playing for years." 


"Hey! I heard that!" Taehyung yells from the kitchen. Seokjin and I both giggle. Seokjin passes a cup to me as Taehyung sits down. I sip my juice as Taehyung speaks.


"I thought that you two would praise me behind my back not say mean things," Taehyung grumps. I roll my eyes at his exaggeration while Seokjin comforts him.


I watch the two get intimate. "Well I should go. It's getting late." I stand up. Seokjin pushes Taehyung away.


"Really?" He asks. 


"Yeah, you two need some alone time too." Seokjin opens his mouth to say something but Taehyung speaks first. 


"See Jin? Jimin understands." Taehyung says grinning. Seokjin starts to protest. "Bye Jimin," Taehyung waves to me as I leave. 




"You were jealous," Jin says.


"No, I wasn't," Jimin denies as he continues driving. 


"Really?" Jimin ignores him. 


He bites his lip. Why won't Jin just go away? He's just in his mind after all. But here Seokjin is. 


Seokjin leans back in his seat. "Remember when we went on that trip." Jimin does nothing to initiate that he does but Seokjin continues anyways. "I do."




Jimin puts his plate in the sink and washes his hand. "So Jinnie and I are going camping and were wondering if you want to tag along."


Jimin turns off the water. "You sure you want me along. Wouldn't I just be third wheeling?" 


"What? No. This is a friends trip. Not a couple trip," Taehyung says as he wraps an arm around Jimin's shoulder. "It'll be fun." 


Jimin puts his hand on his chin and pretends to think though he has an answer already. Taehyung's eyes are really big and he has his lips pressed together in anticipation.


"Okay, I'll go." 


"Yay!" Taehyung jumps up. "I promise you, it'll be so fun."




"This is not fun," Taehyung grumps and turns to Jimin. "Sorry." 


"It's okay. It won't rain all three days we're here," Jimin reassures Taehyung. 


They were going camping but just when they finished putting up the tent, it started to rain. Now they were sitting in their tent with nothing to do. "It's okay guys. We can play games in here," Jin suggest. 


"That would be good. What kind of games should we play though?" Jimin asks.


Taehyung smiles. "Let's play hide and seek, blind folded." So they rock, paper, scissors to see who would be blind folded. Taehyung lost.


Jin ties the blind fold which was one of Taehyung's headband to Taehyung. They start and soon Jimin is just in a corner as Taehyung chases Seokjin.


'So I did become a third-wheeler.' Jimin thought to himself as Seokjin laughs along with Taehyung. He watches and soon Seokjin comes near him. He moves to get out of the way but only bumps into Jin.


Jin is watching Taehyung so when he bumps into Jimin he trips. Jimin wraps his arms around Jin to catch him and then turns around so he's covering Jin. 


Taehyung tags Jimin instead of Jin. "I got someone!" Seokjin looks up at Jimin, his eyes wide but Jimin moves away as Taehyung pulls the headband off. 


"You got me," Jimin says. They play two more rounds before stopping. By then it was dark out and the rain stopped. 


They ate some food they brought then got ready for bed. Taehyung was sleeping in the middle with Jimin on his right and Seokjin on his left. 


Jimin listens as Taehyung and Seokjin whispered to each other. They thought he fell asleep already. Though they were just talking about random stuff, he couldn’t help but envy their relationship. They talked for a while before going to dreamland. He turns to look at them when he thinks they both fell asleep.


Taehyung had an arm around Seokjin. As Seokjin's head was resting on his chest. He looks at them for a while before getting up. He leaves the tent and walks to a place with no trees. 


He was amazed as there were so many stars in the sky. He tries to find the biggest one but when he does, he finds another star as big. "Not tired?"


Jimin turns around. "Yeah," Jimin replies. "I thought you were asleep. Won't Taehyung wake up because he's not cuddling you?"


Seokjin smiles. "I won't be long." He sits down and pats the spot next to him. Jimin reluctantly sits down. "There's so many stars." Jimin looks at Seokjin's sparkling eyes. "I like that star." Jin points to one. "What about you?"


"I..like all of them." It was the truth. Jin smiles at that and looks up. "Seokjin?" Jin looks at him. "How much do you love Taehyung?"


Seokjin doesn't hesitate at all. "A lot. As much as the sky stretches." He turns to look at Jimin. "You don't need to call me Seokjin. Just Jin is fine." 


"Not Jinnie?" Jimin asks teasing. Jin's cheeks turns pink and he looks at the sky. "Just kidding. I know only Tae can call you that."


After Jin's cheeks calm down he speaks. "You know how people wish on stars. Instead of wishing, I tell the stars things I can't say." 


Jimin looks at the stars. "So they just stay up there?" 


"What?" Jin says offended. "No. They come down. They're not buried in the sky forever. Nothing should be buried in the sky forever." 


Jimin watches as a star twinkles. He closes his eyes as he tells the star something.

Jin waits until he opens his eyes before getting up. "Well, I'm going back. We should get some sleep." Jimin nods but stays for a little before getting up.


When he enters the tent he sees Jin back hugging Taehyung. As he sleeps he keeps thinking about what Jin said. 


He drifts to sleep with the thought, ‘But the sky isn’t for you to bury stuff, the ground is.’




Jimin wakes up first and sees that the sun has not fully come up yet. He hurries to wake Taehyung who then wakes Jin. 


They stand together and watch as the sun rose. Jimin films the sun coming up. After that they ate breakfast. They then went hiking. Jimin behind the two and taking pictures with his polaroid. 


He takes one of Taehyung and Seokjin. Seokjin offers to take one of Taehyung and Jimin too. They reach the top and take pictures admiring the view. They also had their lunch there.


As the sun set they got their bbq ready. 


Jimin was grilling as he watched Jin and Taehyung set up the place. They joked around as they ate. Before you knew it, it was time to go to sleep. 


This time when Jimin lies down his eyes immediately closed and he drifted off to slumber.


The next morning they took down their tent and started packing. They were going to go to the beach nearby then back home. 


Jimin wore a t shirt and his trunks while Taehyung went shirtless. Seokjin wore a shirt too. There weren't that many people. They played tag and ran around until they got too tired. 


Jimin went to the car to get some towels. When he comes back, he sees Taehyung and Seokjin in the water. Taehyung had lifted Seokjin and they were currently staring at each other, their lips not far apart.


Jimin looks away as their lips connected. He drops the towels and walks back to the car.




"That trip was so fun!" Jin says next to him. But he quiets down when he sees a different reaction on Jimin's face. He tilts his head as if wondering why.


"Don't act like you thought I loved the trip. You know I didn't like it all they way through," Jimin says coldly. He liked it but at the same time not.


Jin looks down. "I just thought that you would have fun too. Sorry." Jin peeks up at Jimin.




Jin peeks up at Jimin. "Sorry, are you hurt?" Jimin shakes his head.


"It just hurts when you press down hard," Jimin winces as Jin was applying medicine on his bruise. He can feel Jin soften his touch. They were quiet as Jin finished applying medicine on his arm.


"What the hell were you and Taehyung doing? Racing on bikes like that," Jin scolds him. Jimin smiles sheepishly. They returned with Jimin who had a big bruise on his arm and one on his forehead. Taehyung on the other hand was perfect with no scratches. 


Jimin looks away as Jin was applying medicine on his forehead. But his eyes betrayed him as they drifted back to Seokjin's face. 


He looks at Jin's concentrated eyes. Jin doesn't seem to notice him. He rips his eyes away as Taehyung entered the room. Taehyung sat down next to him.


"It really doesn't look that pretty. Does it hurt?" Taehyung asked worried.


"No. I'm just wincing because I feel like so," Jimin replies sarcastically. "I still don't understand why you didn't get a scratch at all," Jimin complains.


"It's because pain knows that I have someone at home waiting for a non-hurt me," Taehyung says looking at Jin. Jin blushes and finishes up. Jimin looks at the too quietly before announcing his departure.


He lays in bed silently. He was not one bit tired. So he stood up, grabed his phone and went to his window. He opened it and breathed in the cool night air. He looks up at the sky trying to find stars. There's not that many due to the many city lights.


He scrolls through his phone and finds a picture of Taehyung and Seokjin from the trip posted by Taehyung. He likes the photo but then turns off his phone right after. 


He leans on his windowsill. He looks up at the one lonely star he could find. 'I want to talk to him.' He tells the star. Just then his phone rung.


"Hey, can we meet up?"




Jimin swung on the swing as Taehyung continues talking. "I just really really like him. He's so nice and perfect and handsome." Jimin nods. "Yeah, I can't believe I found someone like him. I'm so lucky!"


Jimin nods. "He's lucky too. To have someone like you."


Taehyung pushes Jimin playfully causing him to move again. "Do you like him?"


Jimin looks at Taehyung as he continues swinging. "Yeah. He's nice." He's got to admit though, he didn't really like Seokjin at first. 


"Do you..want to go to a bar?"


Jimin stops his swing suddenly almost falling. "Did you just say you want to go to a bar?" He asks not believing his ears. Taehyung nods as if it was no big deal. "But you hate alcohol." Taehyung never drank much. He on the other hand..


"I want to be better at drinking. I always force myself through it."


Jimin laughs. "So? Is it because Jin can drink more than you?" Taehyung looks down causing him to laugh more. "That's okay. It's probably cute to him." It was cute to Jimin. "But since you look like you really want to, let's go."


"Or is it because you haven't drunk in a while." Taehyung matters behind him.


"Fine. I'll just go back home." Jimin turns in the direction of his house. 


"Wait! No. I'll just kidding." Taehyung grabs his arm and they head to the bar. 


Jimin watches as Taehyung tries to down his cup but fails. "You're not telling me anything. You're just drinking," Taehyung complains.


"There's not much to it. Alcohol is something you drink not learn to do." Jimin downs his drink. "You need to let the flavor grow on you." Taehyung rolls his eyes. "Do you want strawberry juice?" Jimin asks.


"Really?" Jimin laughs at Taehyung's face. "This is not working." 


"Here, have some wine?" Jimin passes him a cup of wine. He looks at it unsure. He drunk wine before but then after it he needed some grape juice. "You need to start somewhere."


So he grabs the cup and sips it slowly.




Jimin pushes Taehyung on the bed. Taehyung fell asleep and he was too tired to bring him back to his place. Jimin wasn't drunk just near tipsy but not tipsy. He falls on his bed not bothering to change back into comfortable clothes.


Taehyung wraps an arm around him. "Jinnie, cuddle me?" Jimin pushes his arm away. "Seokjin~" Taehyung whines. 


"I'm not your Seokjin!" Jimin yelled angrily but Taehyung had already fallen asleep. He closes his eyes, exhaustion taking over. Then his phone rang. He groaned but answered it. "Yeah."


"Did I wake you Jimin? Sorry. It's just Taehyung hasn't come back yet." It was Seokjin. 


"I was just going to sleep." He yawns. "Don't worry Taehyung's with me. He fell asleep though and I don't want to carry him over." 


"Oh that's fine. As long as he's with you." Jimin looks at Taehyung who was deep in sleep. "Since you're tired, you should go sleep. Goodnight, Jimin." 


He expected the line to end but no. Was Jin expecting him to reply? "Goodnight, Jin. Taehyung also wants to say goodnight." He then imitated Taehyung's voice. "Goodnight, Jinnie." 


Jin laughs. "Okay. Goodnight to you too, Taehyung." Then the call ended. 


He puts his phone on the nightstand then falls onto his pillow. He turns his head so he's facing Taehyung. His mouth is slightly open. Jimin reach a hand out to touch Taehyung's hair.


He watches as Taehyung snuggled into his touch. He looks down at his beautiful, long lashes sleeping on his cheeks. Then at Taehyung’s whole face. A piece of art. His thumb brushes Taehyung’s cheek. 


If only he knew.

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