Coffee & Kisses

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Kang Seulgi likes control over everything. The young business woman is a guilty workaholic. She rarely spends her leisure time. If reading business-management-related books could be classified as leisure activity then be her guest. Quite well-known for her good looks and wit, the charming bachelorette has a line of admirers waiting for her, both women and men. Getting tired of her feisty sister, Joy, pressuring her into dating again, plus her friends and colleagues, especially her very persistent assistant, Yeri, pushing her to have some 'real fun' for once, Seulgi finally gave in. She had this plan. Get drunk in a bar, that she have known from her socialite best friend, Wendy, and get back home at around 3ish or just whenever she could. It was a simple plan and Seulgi likes her plan.


Until it went down the hill.



A/N:  first ever story here. 


As far as I remember, my only plan for the night was to get drunk and that's it, though if I happened to get my very wasted, I'll just have to call my assistant to pick me up. That, was the plan. And Kang Seulgi always plan everything. But the plan didn't include myself being dragged outside the bar and towards my car, a stranger straddling me while we're making out like thirsty love-bunnies, me driving like a maniac exceeding the speed limit just to arrive the fastest to my loft, and then sharing an intimate night with someone, let alone, a stranger.

One-night stand isn't my usual thing. But I'm not denying the fact that it wasn't my first time. Just my second time. Not that it matters now.

By your warm appreciation and constant support with this story, I decided to make this a full story (a short one tho). Just a few more chapters. Also, I'd try to write longer chapters for the next ones as I stir the plot. I hope this update makes you stay with the story.
~ H. S.


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morphine007 #1
i 🤍 coffee
Elatedbliss #2
Chapter 8: Hello Author! I hope you are doing well. I just started reading this and I love it so much. I hope you’ll find time to get back on this story and continue it. Take care.
Jensoo4everlove #3
Chapter 8: Loved it , still waiting for the next chapters ❤
Chapter 8: One of the sweetest stories read in recent days 😍
Dreizhn #5
Super late, but-- congratulations!
Chapter 6: Didn't Irene send flowers to Seulgi's office when she returned from Japan? Why in this chapter she ask for Seulgi's office address?
ereni_r #7
Chapter 7: This is so well-written. Slow burns are always beautiful and I love how you made the relationships in this fic. Everyone is connected in some way. ❤️ thank you for this!
2081 streak #8
Congrats on the feature!
Grats on the feature
Jamess #10
congrats on the features 👍👍