Insomnia is At 3 AM


Do Kyungsoo awoke one winter night and felt the sensation of moisture on his chest; his clothes were drenched in sweat. It was 3 am and when he approached his bathroom mirror, he noticed he was pale and felt an insatiable thirst that was unquenchable by water. Only blood could fill that thirst. Through the course of several nights, he discovered he became a vampire. Now he fights his inherent urge for blood while also fighting a sect of Vampires who indulge in their desires. Kai, his childhood friend decided to stick with him for the hellish ride, while a man of obscure origin, Rx, tempts Kyungsoo to succumb to the thirst. 


I am submitting this entry for the soon to end contest:

SURPLUS! A Poster-Based Writing Contest

Deer-and-Bread is the designer for The poster I chose (the cover art)

The poster was just too good to not want to write something for it :)



Also, as I'm easily amused by doing stuff like this, I've decided to make this story a spin-off to my other one. It's similar in tone, so please check it out of you want.

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