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All I need in my life. 

About Me

...I think I make graphics and write once in a blue moon?

Originally, there were two people sharing this account. (My sister, Deer, and me, Bread... hence, the username) However, Deer decided to go inactive so it's just me here now. I really regret my username, but you can call me anything you want to call me. I don't really mind. I go by Rhee too though if you want a more personal name lol. 

Please dont add me as a friend if we haven't talked. I think I'm a fairly nice person, so if you want to talk, just message me through PM.  
People I'm fairly interested in
I am mostly an EXO-L whose absolute bias is Kyungsoo. Also finally revamped my profile to feature lovely Kyungsoo instead of Luhan who I've had for the past year, haha. 

There are a few more idols and etc. that I like too though. Here's a list for those who are interested:

EXO (OT12), Lee Jong Suk, AKMU, Block B, Zico, K.Will, BoA, Suzy, Henry, N.Flying, KNK, Astro, BgA, Chen's Cheekbones. 

Usually, however, I only read and write EXO fanfics. Just personal preference since I know them the best. :)
General info on graphics
If you woud like graphics, here's a few links you can check out. 

Dear Deer Graphics Shop
❝GOLDFISH❞ Graphics Shop
Oriental Graphics Gallery

My general rule to sum up graphics for all my shops is that as long as you subscribe & upvote (which you can undo later), credit me (however you like to), and treat the graphics I take my time to make for you respectfully, I'll be friendly to you. I'm not someone who asks that you use my graphics for eternity or write blog posts advertising my shops, but just be reasonable and I'll be reasonable back! 

Also, to all the shop owners & previous affiliates out there, I'm sorry, but I'm not adding affiliates anymore. This is just a personal reason, but I find it reasonable that my sole affiliates are the shops and gallerys that I own. There's also the fact that there's been too many times where people have asked me to be affiliates, and I added them, except then they don't add me back and ignore me when I ask them to do so. 
Where have your old stories gone?
Honestly, if anyone asks a question like this, I'll be surprised because the stories I wrote back then were so cringy that I don't even want to look at them. But in case you really were wondering, A Year of Redemption and This Loveless Romance and countless other small, unflinished stories have been drafted until I decide to re-write or do something with them. Until then, they'll just be private! 
Deer and bread
Call me ishmael