Intertwined destiny

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She was the beauty, he was the beast. She was the water and he the fire but when these to collides, who will be the one to burn? Who will be the one to fall right into the arms of the devil. Will the two of them ever feel the attraction of one another or will their competitive personality go way too far? Will their entertainments be the wall between them so they can't transcend their limits? But where exactly does the limit lie for Jeon Jungkook and Lalisa Manoban, it was just a game but it ended up being much more than that and will the other members of BTS and BP be able to stop them just in time? Or will they be intertwined in this drama as well? The only thing that makes them keep fighting, is their intertwined destiny. Don't defeat love and don't ever defeat fate. 




But maybe it's the worst in me
That's bringing out the worst in you
I know we can fix these kinks
But the worst in me doesn't want to work on things
But the best of me wants to love you
But the worst in me doesn't want to.. 

It's almost like I've gotten so used to resentment
That every annoying little thing you say has lost its effect
It's almost like it's made you a little bit bitter
When I don't always react the way you expect

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