Married Again

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Sehun never wanted to get married again after his painful experience in the past he had with his first wife, but the condition of his 5 year old daughter Nari compelled him into getting married again for the second time to Areum Nari's teacher at school, a soft and caring person with a painful and ugly past.



The female main character Areum in this book is suffering from a phobia named Haphephobia.​​​​​​

Short Explanation of the Phobia.


Haphephobia is a rare specific phobia that involves the fear of touching or of being touched. This is often associated with a fear of ual or physical assault, but Areum was Not ual assaulted, but physically assaulted by her madam. Many people who have been the victims of ual or physical abuse have a fear of being touched.
Haphephobia may come with anxiety and stress-related symptoms that vary among those that suffer from it. A non-exhaustive list of potential symptoms that those suffering from haphephobia may have includes:
Chest pain, Choking sensation, Cold or hot flashes, Dissociation, Dizziness, Fear of dying, Fear of loss of control, Feeling of being trapped, Heart palpitations, Hyperventilation, Nausea, Sense of impending danger, Sweating, Tingling sensations, Trembling, Cholinergic urticaria.


Credits to Google for explaining Haphephobia.

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