Please Stay


A king who wished he wasn’t king, A recluse's daughter suddenly queen.


Jaebum grew up knowing he was to be the King of Blythe, but all he ever wanted was something beyond the palace walls.

Crescent grew up only knowing the walls of her home and she was happy with her quiet life.


Neither of them expected to make a promise to each other.

Neither of them expected to keep that promise.


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Chapter 2: Hey glad to see you are back with a new story. Still I can't make out anything about the characters. Let's see how it goes. Hwaiting!!!
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Chapter 2: Hi... New subscriber here... Your story is interesting + I love GOT7. Hope you will update
Chapter 1: Oh gosh this is so interesting!!! :) I wonder what who that young lady will be~
Btw, Jaebum's character really suits this story and that minister is a pain is the tbh...<3

Have a blessed day & stay strong hun!
Hello new subscriber here~
This story from first-glance seems interesting and I am longing to read it! Especially due to the lovely characters (JaebumxOC) & the well described plot.

Keep up the hard work!! :D Rooting fo you <3